Scaling Magento websites: Explore How

Scaling Magento websites: Explore How

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Be A Brand In Your Own Way

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Creating An eCommerce Platform That Reflects Your Brand Image Perfectly

  • Intuitive and User-friendly Themes
    Intuitive and User-friendly Themes
  • SEO-friendly Theme Design
    SEO-friendly Theme Design
  • Dedicated Team of Experts
    Dedicated Team of Experts

Your website is extremely important when it comes to your eCommerce shop. Hence, Shopify's free and premium themes are extremely popular as they're easy to use, yet extremely attractive. That being said, using Shopify's custom theme is the best approach to customizing online retailers' design, features, and functioning.

Basically, in the early phases of an eCommerce company, key choices must be made. At this step, you can pick a theme that millions of other e-commerce company owners have bought or a unique bespoke theme. As a Shopify Partner, we suggest a custom theme matching your business personality and goals.

Workflow for Shopify Custom Theme Development At Navigate Commerce

The Shopify custom theme development cycle may be broken down into four distinct phases: initial analysis and plan formulation, development, testing, release, and warranty.


After you submit the form on this page, our administrator will call you within 24 hours to discuss the specifics of your project. We thoroughly examine your specifications and design layouts to generate a work plan for constructing the theme. Then, we will build a comprehensive work plan and cost estimate for your Shopify theme development job.

Theme formulation
Theme formulation

Next, the Shopify design development process is started. A team of UI/UX designers and seasoned developers will produce a user-friendly, interactive theme for your Shopify shop that adheres to all specifications and your specific company goals.


When the primary Shopify theme creation process is over, we may proceed to local testing. QA specialists will examine the theme's usability, responsiveness, and accurate element presentation. We will address any and all emerging technical problems during the testing phase.

Releasing and Warranties
Releasing and Warranties

Finally, the project is made public. You get free support for our work. We will contact you and assist you with any questions or concerns that may arise.

Why Choose Navigate Commerce for Shopify Custom Theme Development

At Navigate Commerce, we commit to the industry's best standards in order to provide the most effective theme architecture. As a reputable theme creation specialist, we help at every stage. Basically, Navigate Commerce is an all-inclusive solution for theme creation.

  • In-Depth Knowledge
    In-Depth Knowledge

    When setting up your Shopify site, it might not be easy to decide which theme styles and apps to use. Don't be concerned. We apply our years of knowledge to design and construct a bespoke theme appropriate for your company. We thoroughly understand which theme design will be ideal for your company's niche and clientele. We incorporate your feedback, our creative ideas, and the appropriate theme design strategy to create a Shopify store design that appeals to your visitors.

  • Professional Project Manager
    Professional Project Manager

    Our Shopify expert manages your project from beginning to end by gathering project requirements, creating tasks, managing developers, assuming responsibility for project delivery, handling the financial aspect, scheduling meetings in accessible formats, providing project status updates, and providing post-release support.

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    Keep Up With The Latest Best Practices

    We have designed totally unique themes and modified existing ones at Navigate Commerce. Regardless, we can assist you in creating an appealing custom theme design that is tailored to your company's requirements. We create custom Shopify themes that adhere to current best practices in e-commerce business requirements, providing your online store a competitive advantage.