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1. Why is Shopify the best option for eCommerce stores?

Shopify provides tools that are simple to use and administer for the building of a remarkable eCommerce site. There are several built-in features and functionalities, making it the greatest alternative for business owners who want to offer different goods through their eCommerce site. It provides inventory management and marketing capabilities for eCommerce companies that do […]


4. What are the advantages of using an Open Source Platform?

At a reasonable cost, open-source systems improve innovation, customization, efficiency, support, and agility. They assist customers in sharing and navigating the app, as well as adding rich features to meet corporate requirements and making effective and speedier changes.  


Q1: How many tasks one can assign?

Ans: One can assign an unlimited number of tasks to the hired resources. The resource will do one job at a time. Once the given task is done, the expert will move on to the next one. There is no limit to the tasks.


Q4: What type of tasks should I assign?

Ans: Any task related to Magento you can assign to the resource. It can be Bug fixes to custom development or configuration. We do not restrain you from giving any task that includes in your plan. Please refer to the plan.