Extension Services

Extension Services

Creative solutions
Cutting-edge functionality

Every e-commerce website has unique requirements to provide a seamless purchase experience to end-users. However, to aid with an outstanding shopping experience, there is a requirement for customization. All the e-commerce platform comes with defined functionality to fulfill the shopping. But to have the specific feature and functionality to boost your online store to succeed in a highly competitive world demands extensions.

Looking at the latest web development and e-commerce standards with SEO and UI design principles, we craft quality extensions suitable for your website. Our experts focus on understanding your business and derive the extension accordingly that sets with the running e-commerce ecosystem without any conflict.

Even more, we test the extensions developed by our experts. From creating a custom module from scratch to extend the functionality of any pre-built module, we assure you to add value to your online store. We make sure to improve site stability, security, and performance with seamless integration. We can provide a wide range of extension services and support.

  • Extension Modification and Customization
  • Quick Installation
  • Continuous Improvements and Upgrades
  • Usability and Performance
  • Detailed Documentation