Scaling Magento websites: Explore How

Scaling Magento websites: Explore How

Magento upgrade Service
Magento Upgrade Service

Magento Upgrade Made Simple

  • Complete audit & preparedness
    Complete audit & preparedness
  • SEO-compliant transfer
    SEO-compliant transfer
  • Go-live, post-live assistance & monitoring
    Go-live, post-live assistance & monitoring

The Magento platform is praised for its adaptability, availability, and usability. Magento is continually developing and supported by one of the most active developer communities of any eCommerce platform, so it's not surprising that it's used by 12% of all eCommerce sites.

The issue is whether you're changing with it. Since the introduction of Magento 2 in 2015, more than 35 upgrades have been issued, each offering varying degrees of functionality, performance, speed, UX, and security enhancements.

The Magento upgrade solution from Navigate Commerce enables you to maximize Magento's plethora of advantages, whether upgrading to the most recent Magento 2 versions.

Navigate Commerce provides a flawless experience in any situation, even if migration is more time-consuming than a Magento update. We offer a bug-free, comprehensive platform migration with little downtime.

Navigate Commerce’s Effective Upgradation Service

It can be Magento Open source, Commerce, or Commerce cloud; We have to transition from version to version while upgrading smoothly. Navigate Commerce ensures minimum to no downtime and a seamless update of code, database, and extensions in four simple steps:

  • Duplicate DuplicateYour Magento site is mirrored on our local server, offering a secure environment for updates and testing without disrupting the live site, enabling your customers to continue shopping without interruption. You have access to the staging environment in its entirety.
  • UpgradeUpgradeCore code, database, and extensions are updated, as well as any specialized features and code. Occasionally, multiple upgrades are necessary while upgrading from an earlier version of Magento to an intermediate version before the final update.
  • setStickyNodeTestContinuous testing is performed to ensure a successful Magento update. Errors and bugs are eliminated, and conflicts are handled. You are advised of any extension compatibility concerns that cannot be resolved.
  • SynchronizeSynchronizeOnce all parties are pleased with the outcome, it is synchronized with the live site, completing the Magento update with little downtime. Simple as that!