Magento upgrade Service
Magento Upgrade Service

Magento Upgrade Made Simple

  • Enhance Performance
    Enhance Performance
  • Boost Security
    Boost Security
  • Adapt to New Features
    Adapt to New Features

With our Magento upgrade services, you can make your Magento website more secure and enhance its performance. Magento (Adobe Commerce) constantly adapts to the requests shared by merchants, Magento agencies, and consultants. They rigorously analyze any vulnerabilities and always come up with version updates. When running their websites on Magento, merchants must upgrade their websites for optimized performance.

Navigate Commerce supports merchants and eCommerce store owners with Magento upgrade solutions and helps them install security patches or upgrade to the latest version. As per Adobe Commerce's schedule for version, patch, or feature updates, they have planned to share quarterly upgrades for the recent versions. Based on your needs for version upgrade or patch installation, our Magento experts can assist you.

Magento upgrade services at Navigate Commerce are not only limited to installing patches but entire version upgrades, like if you are running your store on M2.3.X or M2.2.X. We can move the store to M2.4.X without any data loss or any issues, making the functionality intact! Safeguard your website with our seamless Magento upgrade services and support.

How does the Magento upgrade service work?

At Navigate Commerce, we can safeguard your store by installing the latest security patch/feature based on your Magento version. If the store is running on an outdated Magento version, our Magento experts can help you upgrade the Magento version with no data loss and almost zero downtime, and that too with consultation. These are the steps that we follow:

  • Set Up Set UpWithout damaging the live website, we set up the website on our local system. It offers a secure environment for upgrading, testing, and making customers shop from the live site without interruption. We will share the staging with you for the testing.
  • UpgradeUpgradeOnce the staging is set up, we will start the upgrade process. Core code, database, extensions, and any specialized features and code are updated. If you are upgrading from a very old Magento version, let's say M2.1.x, multiple upgrades are done to reach M2.4.x.
  • setStickyNodeTestAt every step we take, continuous testing is done by the developers themselves, then QA and the delivery manager. For extension compatibility issues, we advise reaching out to the vendor. And in case of immediate assistance, we do it ourselves!
  • Go LiveGo LiveAfter taking the necessary steps to test the entire workflow and UAT, we make the website live based on the merchants' advice when the traffic is low or near zero!