Conversion-Focused eCommerce Design Service
eCommerce Design Service

Excelling eCommerce user experience

Why do we need an e-commerce design service that is conversion-focused? If you are just starting your online store or need a conversion boost in the existing store, you must consider e-commerce design. It helps you drive the user experience and help you build your brand. Think about having an online store where the sales are low, and even after trying everything, it is not increasing. Or having CRO is more than just your thing being costly! Even your website is heavy with so many design options, and you cannot define exactly what would help your business grow! Here is where you need the support of a UI/UX Designer who will help you build conversion-focused website layouts.

Conversion focused design
Conversion focused design

Learn & improve your customer’s journey with detailed UI/UX adutis and improve your website’s revenue with a conversion-boosting design.

Detailed discovery call before initiating the design
Detailed discovery call before initiating the design

Help us know your brand, business, and customers in a Kick-start, and rest assured of our experienced design for the rest.

Expertise in multiple industries/Business niche
Expertise in multiple industries/Business niche

From fashion stores to beauty brands, Jewelry to automotive and heavy metal niche solutions, we have a dedicated e-commerce experience.

On-time delivery & development support
On-time delivery & development support

Timely delivery & communication is what makes us apart. We provide development services along with design solutions.

Our eCommerce Design Process

Effortlessly generate leads by having a highly functional and responsive e-commerce website. We know the importance of user and personalization in e-commerce. Digital commerce will never slow down; investing in customer-focused design solutions is the key to success.


Goal Initialization

The common goal of the website, what customers should see first, and what you finally want to achieve, everything needs to be determined!


Estimation & Design Scope

Based on the kickstart, the designer will share the time required to craft the design with narrative design scope & estimation.


Enough Desing Planning

Review target audience, competitors analysis, market & industry analysis is done before starting the actual layout of the website.


User Experience

Focusing on intuitive & engaging user interfaces, our experts will define the user experience flows that focus on your products.


Design the Visual Elements

On the confirmation of User flow, design elements are curated that tell the brand story and further create an immersive shopping experience.


Prototyping Worth

Creating prototypes with Minimal Viable Products showing the first elements & work on the feedback helps us make better design elements.


CX Consultation

Our solution analyst will lead this part by thoroughly understanding the user flows that help in creating a seamless online shopping experience.


Testing and Support

Doing this improves the design quality. Our expert designer will be available for support and new design implementations for further optimization.

What makes Our UX Desing Exceptional?

Designs that add value
Designs that add value

Not only aesthetic appearance but our designers focus on creating experiences that add value to your customer journey.

Out-of-the-Box thinking
Out-of-the-Box thinking>

Every store tells a different story based on its unique business needs, and we focus on those and create a fresh start.

Crafting personalized experiences
Crafting personalized experiences

Hyper-personalized user experiences that help to improve engagement and create conversions.

User-oriented Design
User-oriented Design

With every design phase, we make sure that the UI/UX design focuses on users' needs, the brand’s goals & solutions.

Going the extra mile
Going the extra mile

Navigate Commerce believes in a relationship that lasts longer; hence, it shows in the communication & services we provide.

International Design Standards
International Design Standards

Selling cross-boarders and doing business in other countries, we follow international design standards.


Q. Do you offer e-commerce development services?

A: Yes, We provide e-commerce development services. After we design and achieve the final design, you can choose to work with us as your development partner.

Q. What are payment terms?

A: Please note that all payments must be 100% prepaid. Yet, We advise you to communicate with our sales experts first.

Q. Do you provide a source file of the design?

A: Yes, we will share the source files as a Figma link.

Q. Which eCommerce platform do you support?

A: We provide solutions for Magento & Shopify.

Q. How many pages will you provide?

A: We focus on the main customer journey and provide Homepage, category page, Product detail page, Search, Shopping Cart, Checkout, About us & 1 CMS page.