Scaling Magento websites: Explore How

Scaling Magento websites: Explore How

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Third-Party Integrations To Excel CX And Operations

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Integration services for Magento enable the successful automation of back-office activities and the enhancement of client experience. Navigate Commerce takes this idea even further as we facilitate the integration of tools like Salesforce, Payment Gateways, Shipping Gateways, ERP, CRM, marketing automation, and others!

Since we see Magento integration as an excellent possibility for company development, our integration procedure is quite thorough.

To save excessive expenditures, we use existing commercial integration add-ons wherever feasible and only develop new API connectors when there is no viable alternative. After finishing integration, we conduct extensive integration and penetration testing to evaluate the new ecosystem's functionality and remove any potential security risks.

Multiple Types of Integration Services offered By Navigate Commerce

At Navigate Commerce, we understand the importance of integrations for successful website maintenance. Hence, we offer different types of integrations, which include:

  • Accounting Software Magento Integration with Accounting SoftwareDue to our Magento accounting software integration, any Magento merchant can record and handle accounting transactions considerably more efficiently.
  • Magento EDI IntegrationMagento EDI IntegrationAt Navigate Commerce, we provide our customers with smooth, Integrated EDI solutions. It's simple, basic, inexpensive, and comprehensive for all your needs.
  • Magento CRM IntegrationMagento CRM IntegrationOur CRM integration service assists you in storing and segmenting your client data into several categories during the customer journey, which enables you to offer a personalized experience.
  • Magento Marketing IntegrationMagento Marketing IntegrationUsing the correct extensions and tools, capturing your audience's attention with special offers, campaigns, and newsletters is a piece of cake. At Navigate Commerce, we offer Magento marketing integration services to help you cater to your target audience.
  • Magento Payment Gateway IntegrationMagento Payment Gateway IntegrationOut-of-the-box Magento integrates payment service providers PayPal, Braintree, and Authorize.Net. These connections enable you to generate and manage transactions based on the order information.
  • Magento PIM IntegrationMagento PIM IntegrationA Product Information Management (PIM) system serves as the hub for product and content management throughout the manufacturing and sales processes. With our PIM integration services, all product information will be saved in the PIM and only altered in the PIM.
  • Magento Shipping Gateway IntegrationMagento Shipping Gateway IntegrationMagento shipping gateway integration provides clients with an automated and efficient experience. The shipping integration aligns with the goals of big retailers and internet shoppers. The platform delivers cutting-edge speed, dependability, and interoperability with third-party assistance.