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  • Better Performance
    Better Performance
  • Higher Pagespeed Score
    Higher Pagespeed score
  • Increase traffic
    Increase traffic

Why do merchants need Magento optimization service? Optimization is a process of making things better! A simple definition. In the case of eCommerce, optimization helps merchants make more impact on their website's performance and get a higher ranking. Getting better performance leads to better conversions and higher sales.

Magento optimization is a process that is done with continuous efforts being involved! It can be anything from Code level to theme level, to UI/UX or solution-related. Many times, merchants face that their website is poorly built and is not helping them generate revenue. That case is where eCommerce consultants or agencies help them audit their websites and take the necessary steps. Based on the Page load time statistics shared by Hubspot, eCommerce websites that load in a second got 2.5 times higher conversions. So, if you are willing to reduce the load time and optimize your code, media, and everything in between to checkouts, We can certainly help you.

Our experts have worked on many optimization projects, including theme optimization, code optimization, and more. Our WebP images for Magento 2 extensions have been helping businesses with image optimization, where merchants can upload WebP, AVIF, and CSV media files to their websites. Get in touch to optimize your Magento website.

Magento Store Optimization Services

  • caching CachingOccasionally, storing sessions and other information in the cache is more efficient than in the database. Professionals will also perform tuning of your cache.
  • Media OptimizationMedia OptimizationOptimizing the size of your digital media is one of the most effective strategies to increase your store's performance. You may access your media data, including picture content and other information, through the service.
  • Database OptimizationDatabase OptimizationHighly-skilled professionals will configure your database and modify the separation between your read and manage databases to optimize your business.
  • CSS and JavaScriptCSS and JavaScriptTo acquire optimum performance settings for CSS and JavaScript, there are several factors to bear in mind. A portion of this is due to poor CSS setup, excessive inheritances, etc. CSS and JavaScript will be minified along with other mistake reductions to improve efficiency.
  • Code optimizationCode optimizationOptimization of default and additional Magento core code. Your previous Magento core code and other default codes that hindered your store's performance will be optimized for enhanced performance.

The Need For Magento Speed Optimization

Need For Magento Speed Optimization
  • Magento site performance optimization

    Magento site performance optimization

  • Enhanced consumer satisfaction

    Enhanced consumer satisfaction

  • Improve search engine results

    Improve search engine results

  • Increased conversion rate

    Increased conversion rate

  • Improved PageSpeed Score on Google

    Improved PageSpeed Score on Google