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Don't miss out! Apply LAUNCH10 and save 10%.

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Magento Store Optimization Service

Performance Improved To Supersonic Speed

  • Reliable work under load
    Reliable work under load
  • Impeccable Pagespeed score
    Impeccable Pagespeed score
  • More traffic from Google
    More traffic from Google

No flashy and animated design to impress shoppers but to delight them with a unique and personalized user experience. Your store's success may be judged not only by store sales but also by store speed! As not all stores are identical, standard optimization techniques are ineffective. From website visits to conversion, your website's speed and load time play a decisive role.

According to surveys, more than 40% of visitors leave a website due to a heavy load. If your load time exceeds that, your abandon ratio will increase significantly. You have just a few seconds to engage shoppers. Magento Performance Optimization Service by Navigate Commerce works diligently to reduce your website's load time, preventing clients from visiting a competitor's website. In addition, Google has noted that your website's page speed significantly impacts its position in search engine results. Having a slower website speed prevents search engines from swiftly crawling your content.

Instead, our Certified Magento experts at Navigate Commerce will audit your current shop and then optimize your Magento Website for improved performance by adhering to Magento Coding & Search Engine Optimization guidelines without impacting your functioning existing business. We guarantee that your website meets the minimum load time to please your visitors and urge them to return. We get Google Page Speed and Slow-compliant results by combining many speeding strategies.

Navigate Commerce Store Optimization Services

  • caching CachingOccasionally, storing sessions and other information in the cache is more efficient than in the database. Professionals will also perform tuning of your cache.
  • Media OptimizationMedia OptimizationOptimizing the size of your digital media is one of the most effective strategies to increase your store's performance. You may access your media data, including picture content and other information, through the service.
  • Database OptimisationDatabase OptimisationHighly-skilled professionals will configure your database and modify the separation between your read and manage databases to optimize your business.
  • CSS and JavaScriptCSS and JavaScriptTo acquire optimum performance settings for CSS and JavaScript, there are several factors to bear in mind. A portion of this is due to poor CSS setup, excessive inheritances, etc. CSS and JavaScript will be minified along with other mistake reductions to improve efficiency.
  • Code optimizationCode optimizationOptimization of default and additional Magento core code. Your previous Magento core code and other default codes that hindered your store's performance will be optimized for enhanced performance.

The Need For Magento Speed Optimization

Need For Magento Speed Optimization
  • Magento site performance optimization

    Magento site performance optimization

  • Enhanced consumer satisfaction

    Enhanced consumer satisfaction

  • Improve search engine results

    Improve search engine results

  • Increased conversion rate

    Increased conversion rate

  • Improved PageSpeed Score on Google

    Improved PageSpeed Score on Google