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Experienced Hyvä themes development team and official Hyva supplier
  • Performance Focused
    Performance Focused
  • Extended Support Team
    Extended Support Team
  • Reduced Complexity
    Reduced Complexity

We have started advocating Hyvä themes after getting our hands-on experience working on Hyvä theme integrations for Magento 2 Websites. Being an official Hyvä supplier and having skillful Magento 2 developers, we have successfully helped merchants install the theme and provide ongoing Support.

Hyvä themes, compared to Luma themes, have helped merchants gain higher performance in a very short period—an SEO-friendly Magento theme with higher Google Core Web vital scores. Working on varied Magento projects and hyvä implementations, We are sure that Hyvä themes outperform Magento websites' performance compared to other front-end solutions.

Make smart choices like Hyvä + Magento.

Magento is already known for its flexibility, but with Hyvä themes, it becomes even more versatile and adaptable. While every e-commerce website needs ongoing Support and maintenance moving ahead, we are providing the same thought for our Hyvä theme solutions. Whether it concerns compatibility issues, new functionality, custom Hyvä development, or an upgrade, Navigate Commerce is here to help!

Our Hyvä theme support and maintenance is as flexible as Magento ;). Everything we have covered under roof, from monthly care and support to any other development. Reach out to our team for more information.

Hyvä Theme Upgrade
Hyvä Theme Upgrade
Custom Module Development
Custom Module Development
Resolve Compatibility Issues
Resolve Compatibility Issues
Hyvä Checkout Integration
Hyvä Checkout Integration
Hyvä Theme Customization
Hyvä Theme Customization
Ongoing Support & Maintenance
Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Why Hyvä Theme stores?

  • Improved User Experience
    Improved User Experience

    The hyvä theme excels in delivering an enhanced user experience by embracing clean and compact design principles. Its aesthetic appeal and efficient layout contribute to a clutter-free interface that promotes seamless navigation and effortless engagement for Shoppers.

  • Reduced Dependencies
    Reduced Dependencies

    It is crafted entirely from scratch, minimizing the reliance on external libraries and frameworks. This streamlined approach not only simplifies the development process but also enhances the theme's performance, making it an ideal choice for developers seeking efficient and Scalable Magento solutions.

  • Performance-Focused

    With each new version release, the Hyvä theme consistently delivers performance-focused solutions, catering to the evolving needs of users. Through optimized code, it ensures speedy page load times and seamless user interactions, ultimately enhancing the overall performance of websites built with Hyvä.

  • Faster time to market
    Faster time to market

    Reduced dependencies enable developers to accelerate the development process, resulting in a faster time to market. The availability of instant support through Slack ensures that developers can swiftly resolve any issues or queries, further facilitating efficient development and timely deployment.

  • SEO-Friendly Magento Theme
    SEO-Friendly Magento Theme

    It has garnered excellent records with its SEO performance, boasting impressive scores in Google Pagespeed Insights and core web vital assessments. Its SEO-friendly and optimized frontend architecture contributes to better search engine visibility, improved website rankings, and a seamless user experience.