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General Information

Terms and Condition

Kindly read the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS of ETERATIONS SOLUTION LLP (“ETERATIONS”) carefully before making any purchases from www.navigatecommerce.com (“NavigateCommerce”). After making a purchase (directly or indirectly), you accept and agree to abide by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS set by NavigateCommerce.


The Extension is the proprietary intellectual property of ETERATIONS under the brand name NavigateCommerce. Be it fully or partially or for commercial or non-commercial purpose, you are strictly prohibited from making copies, translations, or modifications of or to the Extensions. Removing, altering, or obscuring the copyright of any NavigateCommerce Extension is completely forbidden. You are also forbidden to engage in unlawful prescription, drafting, selling, distribution, leasing, rental, sublicensing, transfer or usage of the Extensions.

You are not authorized to redistribute or republish NavigateCommerce’s content, either fully or partially, without NavigateCommerce’s prior written consent.


The Agreement terms have explicitly been set forth to solely use single Extension copy for the single Magento instance only. To install the same Extension on the other Magento base instance, you must purchase it separately. Please read the Customer License Agreement for more details.

Support and Bug Fixing

Every Extension purchase, either from NavigateCommerce or Magento Marketplace, comes with a free 90 days support. We encourage our customers to report the bug(s) however trivial it may be, and we will resolve the issue to best of our ability and as quickly as possible.

Software Updates

The Extension owner(s) is entitled to receive Free Lifetime Updates from NavigateCommerce. You can find the same in your account. You will need to download and install the updates yourself. These updates will be limited to only the purchased Magento Extension version. For example, if you have purchased an Extension for the version 2.x.x, you will be getting updates for that specific version alone. The same applies to technical support. However, if the support period for a specific Extension has expired, we will not fix any bugs after installing or updating the Extension version.

Refund policy

The refund period for each purchased Extension is 30 days which begins from the date of the Extension delivery, and we won’t entertain any request made after this period. NavigateCommerce understands each customer’s concern(s) and will provide a full refund for the dissatisfaction caused by the said purchase if it falls under the given refund period. No copyright infringer is eligible for a refund (full or partial). The owner must remove all the Extension copies from the web store, computer, server, and email before requesting a refund, and they will be required to confirm the same through an explicit email. Additional costs, such as customization fees and installation charges, are non-refundable.

Notification of Changes

NavigateCommerce reserves the right to make any amendments, alterations, correction to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS without any prior notice, and they will become effective immediately after publication on our site.