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Robust Architecture

Robust Architecture

At the core of our every extension is a robust architecture intended to provide limitless flexibility and power to the merchants. This architecture has been developed to let you make additional customization on top of what that extension offers. Robustness isn’t the only characteristic of our extensions; they are all scalable too.

  • Modular code base
    Modular code base

    Help with the easy-to-manage code base and helps with scalability and compatibility with version releases.

  • Seamless integration in Magento
    Seamless integration in Magento

    Follows the core Magento architecture and fits in well with your Magento store.

  • Robust and Scalable
    Robust and Scalable

    Helps to make the code more organized, maintainable, and scalable, as well as facilitates collaboration and testing.

Fully Open Source & Customizable

All our extensions are built with similar Open Source Technology that Magento has adopted. That means you will get complete control and unprecedented flexibility to drive your digital store look, content, and functionality any way you want.

  • Completely Open Source
    Completely Open Source

    Permit to extend the feature to gap the custom needs with business solutions via prebuilt logic.

  • Easy to modify and customize
    Easy to modify and customize

    Being Open source and following the coding standards helps in customization.

  • Fully controllable
    Fully controllable

    You can get the entire ownership of the code in terms of extensions and development services as well.

fully open source
enduring support

Enduring Support

With every extension purchased, you will receive 90 days of free support. This support provides a range of services, from installation issues and configuration to resolving queries related to extensions. We provide enduring support to our customers so they can spend less time troubleshooting issues by themselves and more on business productivity.

  • Quick resolution
    Quick resolution

    Even in different time frames, you can get the response at the earliest, and this means the same for the resolution.

  • Available 24x7
    Available 24x7

    We are accountable for our products and services and ensure you 24*7 availability through chat.

  • High customer satisfaction
    High customer satisfaction

    Even in tough times, we care for customers and face every situation positively puts us at 100% customer retention.

Safe Investment

Feels skeptical about purchasing the extension? Don’t worry. You are in safe hands, and your investment too. Because we provide 30 days return window to get your money back if dissatisfied with our extension, so, be rest assured and give limitless power to your Magento 2 store.

  • Functional enhancement
    Functional enhancement

    With new version releases, we ensure added advantages with functionality.

  • Architecture and performance improvement
    Architecture and performance improvement

    With a constant investment of our expertise, we make sure of performance enhancement.

  • Superior user experience
    Superior user experience

    The customer-focused and consultative approach leads us to achieve superior UX.

safe investment
High Quality Standard

High Quality Standard

We understand the adverse effect of unhealthy code quality and its impact on your Magento store. Thus, we passed every extension through Extension Quality Program (EQP) checkpoint where Magento itself checks the coding standard, compatibility, performance, quality, and security of that extension with Magento core; then only we launch them to our extension store as well as on Magento marketplace.

  • mission accomplished
    Built with Magento Standards and Expertise

    Extensions follow the latest Magento standards and the best e-commerce development approach.

  • guidelines and best practices
    Followed development guidelines and best practices

    A well managed-code guarantees high-performance stores with best business practices.

  • Verified by Magento Marketplace
    Verified by Magento Marketplace

    Every extension we build goes through scrutinized testing and verification at the Magento marketplace.

Continuous Releases

For us, continuous releases mean providing more power to the business owner, enhancing the functionality and architecture of extensions, and delivering a superior user experience. We are committed to persistently evolving our every extension and letting you reap the benefits of them through our Lifetime Free Updates commitment.

  • Functional enhancement
    Functional enhancement

    At Navigate, we focus on performance, and that leads via functional enhancement of extensions.

  • Architecture and performance improvement
    Architecture and performance improvement

    With every new extension release, we focus on store-level performance improvements.

  • Superior user experience
    Superior user experience

    A simple yet Humna-focused approach leads us to deliver the desired user experience.

continuous release

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