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We are experts in building personalized e-commerce solutions from scratch. Your online store gets all the advanced features required to succeed in an increasingly competitive e-tailing world. Turn your website into a responsive, user-friendly, and sales conversion magnet.


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We offer the best e-commerce solutions backed by in-depth research and mission-critical functionality for e-commerce websites. Our certified developers and designers will provide you with solutions that can address your unique business needs.


From Magento to Magento: What You Should Know about Migrating from 1 to 2

The decision to move from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not one that can be taken overnight. It needs careful planning and execution. However, as Magento has decided to discontinue support for its Magento 1 platform from June 2020 onwards, e-commerce business owners have no choice but to make the move. Whether it is about Magento extensions, themes, importing data and media, or hiring a Magento Partner, this post touches...

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11 Surefire Ways to Improve Your E-Commerce Site’s Conversion Rates

If you’re running an e-commerce website, you’ve probably understood that it takes more than just functionality to keep the revenue coming from it. You may have also realized that conversions don’t happen automatically; you need to take concrete step...

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SEO for E-Commerce: Here’s How to Do It Right

The ultimate aim of every e-commerce business owner is to delight customers with the shopping experience on their website. Apart from this, they also want to have semantically-relevant content for Google’s crawlers to push it towards top rankings on SER...

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The Essential Guide to E-Commerce Integration

With e-commerce platforms gaining momentum all over the world, it makes sense to know what e-commerce integration is and its entailments. In a nutshell, it refers to the synchronization between an e-commerce website and the ERP system. When executed prope...

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Magento 2 Engineer

Navigate Commerce is looking for a talented full-time Magento 2 Engineer who can become a valuable Navigator of our passionate e-commerce engineering team. The candidate must have in-depth Magento 2 a...

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Magento 2 Lead Engineer

Navigate Commerce is looking for a talented full-time Magento 2 Lead Engineer who can become a valuable Navigator to lead our passionate e-commerce engineering team. The candidate must be able to prov...

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We are an e-commerce development firm with a passion for creativity. We strive to use our creativity to develop personalized e-commerce solutions that are practical and functional. It is our job to simplify, elevate, and transform your visitors’ shopping experience. We will be more than happy to know more about your brand and create a design that accurately reflects your thoughts. Connect with us now to start the dialogue.

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