Scaling Magento websites: Explore How

Scaling Magento websites: Explore How

Navigate For The Better Commerce Experience

Navigate For The Better Commerce Experience

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Hyvä Themes

Optimize storefront

Hyvä Theme is the new innovation in terms of Magento Storefronts and the most favorable storefront for Magento developers around the globe. With the recent talk of the town, Hyvä is reaching its new heights and moving forward with the preferable Magento 2 stores. Merchants love the propelled performance of their stores. Check out the article about why it is on the Wishlist of every Magento developer and what the consequences are while choosing Hyvä. Learn More

Magento 2.4.6

Release Note

If merchants have not moved the store from M1 to M2, they are missing out on the best of the industries using outdated technologies. Stay ahead of your competitors by upgrading your store to the latest Magento version. It helps to prevent uncertainty and compatibility issues. Safeguard your Magento website with better performance. The article shares knowledge on Magento 2.4.6 highlights and why it is the foundation of Adobe commerces roots success. With extended software life cycles, support cycles, and PHP 8.2, see what the Magento 2.4.6 release covers! Learn More

Future of Magento

An ultimate guide

Merchants and developers have unclear thoughts on the future of Magento 2 open-source. This guide helps you understand the consequences that Magento has faced to date and what it takes the community is making to get the platform alive. What are the things that are coming with the new Magento versions? What are the things coming up with the new face of Magento, and how the industry and community are welcoming the change? Learn More
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  • How to maximize Magento  Website's Speed: A  Comprehensive Guide
    How to maximize Magento Website's Speed: A Comprehensive Guide

    We'd rather have no website than a slow-speed website that drags our business down.:( Yes, no one likes to wait longer than expected to see the product or description and then find it is not worth buying! A page load time of 10 seconds on mobile increases the bounce rate by 123% compared to a one-second loading speed! Even with Magento as an e-commerce platform, merchants have faced the slow speed of the store. So, here in this article, we'll cover how to maximize the Magento website's speed and overall performance.

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  • Custom Magento Development: Benefits and Cost
    Custom Magento Development: Benefits and Cost

    People are changing their jobs, stores, and focus from Magento to other platforms, but if you ask us, it's a pure gem for focused e-commerce solutions that every enterprise wishes to hold! With the shrinking market share (as of now), Magento still wins the hearts of the niches and creates robust and scalable e-commerce solutions. The most admired feature of Magento is its openness and flexibility, which helps to develop or extend the functionality through custom Magento development. It allows merchants to create unique and customer-focused stores for an enhanced shopping experience. Let' s dig into the details of why Custom Magento development will benefit you and what the costs are in consideration.

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  • Magento Open Source vs Adobe Commerce: Which One’s Best for You?
    Magento Open Source vs Adobe Commerce: Which One’s Best for You?

    While breathing Magento for a decade now and serving e-commerce website owners with their most complex questions, we have tried to create this article that leads to solving the initial questions they mostly came up with us. For instance, Which one is better: Magento Open Source or Adobe Commerce? Are they both similar to managing admins? Which one is easier to use? With an increasing number of businesses selling their products and services online, choosing the right e-commerce platform has become a crucial aspect of a sound business strategy. Magento continues its successful run as one of the most preferred e-commerce platforms. Businesses need to leverage the opportunities presented by these platforms and take their e-commerce ventures to new heights.

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  • WordPress to Magento Migration: A Comprehensive Guide
    WordPress to Magento Migration: A Comprehensive Guide

    What comes to your mind when you hear WordPress? The go-to solution for any CMS- based Web development. Yet, have you ever moved your eyes and thought about your e- commerce growth? Owning a WordPress website and having an e-commerce won't work. Most websites run their e-commerce on WordPress, but please stop calling it an e-commerce website.

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