A Comprehensive List of The Best Free & Paid Shopify Themes In 2022

Making a good impression on customers who visit your website is crucial. One study from Blue Corona states that 38% of internet customers will abandon a site if they find it unpleasant. To increase eCommerce conversions, companies will often go to great lengths to ensure their websites include a visually attractive design that improves the customer experience. Even the 1.75 million people who use Shopify to run their online stores may relate to this. Successful websites often use well-designed Shopify themes.

Shopify is among the most famous shopping cart systems, which provides its customers with 76 professionally designed templates from the Shopify Theme Store. In addition, customers may find their perfect template on marketplaces. Choosing the right Shopify theme from all available options isn't simple. In this post, we'll go through some of the greatest Shopify themes 2022 has to offer so you can select the correct one for your online store.

How To Choose The Right Shopify Theme

While it's easy to get right into picking a theme for your site, it's more important to put the user's experience first. You want to make sure the Shopify theme you choose complements the overall experience you want to provide your customers. Before settling on a Shopify theme, it's important to consider the following factors.

Learn Your Demographics

When something is designed well, it has a distinct sense of identity. Starting with your target demographic's age range is an important first step in selecting a free Shopify theme. How familiar are they with the internet? So, what are their passions and pursuits? What kind of technology will they employ? You need to identify these things before you decide on a theme.

Determine A Budget

Shopify themes range in price from zero to almost $200. The Theme Store has 21 alternatives that will get you started immediately without spending a dime. Priced at $140 to $180, premium Shopify themes are a worthwhile investment because of their superior functionality to free themes. That's good news since it means you have a better chance of finding an option that meets all of your requirements. There are benefits to using a premium theme, including more customization options, a more polished design, and a lower prevalence in usage (crucial if you don't want your store to seem like every other one in the area). Customers' ability to find what they need and purchase is often facilitated. That is to say, they improve your conversion rates and lead to more sales.

Plan Out The Experience You Want To Provide

Defining the desired atmosphere for a shop visit is essential. To illustrate, let's say you're selling sports equipment and want customers to feel inspired and energized. Successful retail space layouts provide a welcoming atmosphere for the store's target demographic while also drawing attention to and facilitating the purchase of goods.

Determine Which Features Of The Website

Maybe you need to move a lot of stock, or consumer feedback is a top priority. Keep things basic at first, but don't discount the value of having a wide end in sight. As a web store owner, your goal should be to design a page that compels clients to purchase by being as aesthetically pleasing and functionally simple as feasible.

Best Shopify Themes of 2022


Pipeline is a top-tier cosmetics theme with a perfect 5-star rating in the Shopify themes store. You don't need to know how to code in order to make your own unique pages, thanks to the accessible drag-and-drop sections and well-designed blocks. The Pipeline theme also includes all of Shopify's standard capabilities, so you can use them to get whatever look you want.

Key Features:

  • Customizable homepage content section
  • Built-in colors and styles.
  • Enhanced for both SEO and speed.
  • Product display.
  • Free theme improvements and bug fixes.
  • Unrestricted free trial period. Only pay when the theme is published to your shop.


For pop-up fashion businesses, Brooklyn is one of the greatest free themes that Shopify has to offer. You have greater leeway to customize the look of the theme to correspond with your company's identity thanks to the fact that it comes with two different aesthetic options (referred to as "classic" and "playful," respectively). The product grid's layout is dynamic; it will automatically vary based on the number of goods currently being shown.

Key Features:

  • The slide-out cart structure enables users to add more goods without leaving the page.
  • Ability to showcase a YouTube or Vimeo video prominently on your homepage to quickly engage new clients.
  • The slideshow header enables you to display various product/brand photos at the top of your website.
  • The design is more unique than the majority of free Shopify themes


Looking for a top-notch Shopify theme for 2022? Look no further than District. District is an excellent choice for displaying new and noteworthy items or collections. District's attractive style and various functionalities are especially suitable for fashion & clothing and sports firms to enable clients to examine your items' finer aspects.

Key Features:

  • Using Pop-Up Emails for Promotional Purposes

Popup refers to an ad displayed in a window on the same page. It helps you emphasize relevant offers, goods, or specials, establish email lists, and regain your customers’ attention before they leave the website.

  • Samples of various colors

Shoppers may now see a product in all color variants thanks to this handy tool. Consumers may picture how the product appears and select the one they want more effortlessly.

  • Dedicated support

Besides great UI/UX features, responsive help plays a vital part in making District emerge as one of the top Shopify themes. If you have certain questions, you may contact the support staff, who will provide you with the best answer as quickly as possible.


The Simple theme is really well organized, and there is a lot of white space throughout. Because the menu remains in the sidebar in all three layouts ('light,' 'beauty,' and 'toy,' respectively), this design is well suited for specialty businesses that provide a wide variety of product classifications. You will be able to display suggested product pages thanks to the capabilities of the theme.

Key Features:

  • The accordion-style sidebar menu facilitates the presentation of goods and collections.
  • Product suggestions provide upselling possibilities
  • Picture zoom provides clients with a closer look and more product information when they hover over a product image.
  • Simple's basket page is the most comprehensive of any Shopify theme.


One of Shopify's free themes with a stellar reputation for ease of use and many customization options is the minimalistic Minimal. Minimal's easy navigation and uncluttered design make it a good option for new users and businesses who want to put their attention on their products.

Key Features:

  • Site-wide video introduction

Their interaction with the homepage will form customers' initial impression of your shop and brand. Adding a video to your homepage may increase conversions and provide a more favorable user experience. When choosing Minimal, you may add a video from services like YouTube or Vimeo on the homepage.

  • Product Image Enlarger

Customer preference favors e-commerce sites with zoomable product photos. Customers don't have to pinch and zoom in to get a good idea of what your items seem like since they can just glance at the images.

  • Checkout Form

Buyers can add a remark with their purchase on the shopping cart page. In this way, customers may give you feedback on how to handle the order before you even start working on it.


Your clients will be drawn in by the editorial-based layouts, striking typography, and prominent product sections offered by the Maker theme. Although it has a straightforward appearance, this theme was carefully crafted to represent your store's identity as well as the objectives you have for your company using the medium of contemporary tale-telling. Maker theme also emphasizes editorial blog features, providing a variety of different methods for you to display your feature blogs.

Key Features:

  • Add offers, discounts, and highlighted goods to numerous collection pages with powerful advertising tools.
  • Optimized for larger pieces of text.
  • Optimized to meet Shopify's performance requirements.
  • Unrestricted free trial period. Only pay when the theme is published to your shop.
  • Shopify Burst offers no-cost stock images.


When looking for the top Shopify themes, responsive is a fantastic choice. Owners of stores selling housewares, home decor, and gardening supplies will find this website template to be an invaluable resource. This is a prominent way to display to customers that your goods will work in their homes. The developers created the responsive layout, a popular third-party Shopify theme out of the sandbox. According to user reviews, Responsive is a highly adaptable and technically sound theme that provides a seamless experience across all devices. You may also easily modify the design, typeface, and highlighted offers.

Key Features:

  • Expandable Sidebar

On the collection and blog pages, responsive shows a sidebar with navigation options, a search box, and other information.

  • Menu bar currency exchange option

Your non-American customers will appreciate being able to see product pricing in their own currency.

  • Feed from Instagram

One more social media platform that can be integrated with your Shopify store is Instagram. Because of this, Instagram will show your most recent posts in the feed. This capability is a great way to boost your social proof and attract new friends and followers.

  • Spacious Design

You may use responsive design to showcase full-screen slideshows and emphasize the site's navigation bar in the middle of the screen.


You may accomplish this goal with the assistance of the Venue theme if you want to keep people on your site from the minute they get there. Venue draws the attention of customers using graphics and videos that fill the entire width of the screen while at the same time designing the homepage of their website to follow a narrative format. People who visit your website and are interested in learning more about your business and the things you provide will be astonished to see how your narrative is progressively exposed as they scroll down the page.

Key Features:

  • Theme setup is quick and simple.
  • Advanced Shopify template capabilities.
  • Effective product page blocks
  • Outstanding assistance.
  • Customize shops effortlessly.


Testament is one of the greatest Shopify premium themes available. We Are Underground, one of Shopify's best-selling theme makers is responsible for its creation and maintenance. More than 9,300 active Shopify stores are being driven by Testament right now. Because of its great adaptability, this theme has proven to be the finest Shopify theme across a wide range of sectors. However, Testament is most suited for enterprises associated with health and beauty. True, consumers in these sectors are interested in seeing how your items may enhance their physical appearance and overall wellness. Fortunately, this is where the Testament comes in.

Key Features:

  • Specification of Each Step

Testament's in-depth instructions include helpful animations and colorful video walkthroughs. This manual will be a great starting point for developing your unique take on the Testament skin.

  • Rapid-fire Overview of the Item

Customers may check your product information in a popup window without abandoning the current page. Thanks to this addition, your conversion rate will certainly rise if visitors spend more time on your site.

  • Sticky menus

The navigation bar will stay at the top as you browse the page. As a consequence, it is handy for your online consumers when they wish to switch to another portion of the website without needing to scroll up.

FAQs About The Best Shopify Themes In 2022

Q1: What is a Shopify theme?

Your online shop's layout, capabilities, and aesthetics are all within the control of a theme. As a result of their unique designs and structures, each theme provides a distinct experience to your clientele. If, for instance, you were selling spa items on the internet, you could want to convey an air of calm and opulence.

Q2: What is the difference between free and premium paid themes?

There are no hidden costs or requirements for using a free WordPress theme. Free themes are often quicker to load due to reduced bloat caused by a lack of functionality. Premium themes will have far more built-in features. Premium themes are safer in the long term since they get regular upgrades and maintenance.

Q3: What exactly is Shopify Liquid, and how does it relate to themes?

Shopify's own Liquid language was developed as a template language. It's been used by a wide variety of software development efforts and businesses, and it's freely accessible as an open source initiative on GitHub.

Q4: Choose between a Shopify template and a custom theme.

With a customized Shopify website, the user experience is tailored to your target audience and your company goals. The website's IA, design, and functionality reflect your company's identity. So, you may rest assured that your shop is unlike any other. Since a bespoke site is designed from the ground up, most issues with a premade theme are eliminated.

Q5: How should you install a Shopify theme?

  • Download and unzip the template on your PC. In the Shopify Admin panel, browse to the Themes area.
  • Click the Upload Themes button in the upper-right corner.
  • In the pop-up box, pick your downloaded themeXXXX.zip package by clicking the Browse option.
  • After installing our template, scroll down and select the Publish theme button:
  • You may now visit our website with a newly installed theme.

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