Case Study: – Two decades in digital commerce and still growing!

Leading in e-commerce since 2001 and still counting

When it comes to forced induction, is considered a pioneer. Having their footprints of more than 20 years, they build and provide turbo systems and related components to the industry. With expertise in the field and a commitment to customer support, has taken this as a mantra for success since 2001.

Located in Harwinton, CT, Jesse, the Owner of, started his venture, becoming a supplier of Turbokits to worldwide customers. He started his online business with a clear vision and a simple motto to make customers happy. For Jesse, Sky is the limit, and intending to create a more customer-centric occupation, he started to look for better engagement with custom order flow for the online store. 

Adopting Magento Commerce as a solution, followed e-commerce norms, removed dependencies, and built a custom order flow in the backend to manage their orders more operationally. 


The sole purpose of is to have an upgrade to the latest Magento 2 version and reduce the dependencies of third-party providers. Magento 2 is the most trusted and viable platform that allows customers extended features and functionality. Being open-source in nature, one can customize the requirements as possible apart from its reach native features. Let’s roll out what we have done.

A business solution to provide custom order management

Holding on Magento Commerce because of its reach features and intended customization functionality, Jesse wanted to have easy-to-navigate customer purchases with proper order processing via admin. Hence, We opted to have a Magento upgrade with counted features.

This custom development allows customers to find their products efficiently and quickly to enhance customer journey throughout the store. Not on the storefront, but well-maintained operations are needed to drive the sale from the admin. 

The results are the words of mouth that our prestigious client is spreading: “Our Website is cracking, and we are getting more orders.”

30% boost in Pagespeed with custom theme

We all know that the theme or third-party templates are made for “Generic” use. That allows building the online store swiftly but with the “Ghost Code.” The majority of the ready-made theme providers are selected based on their page structure. Yet, custom changes are done to fit the branding. Hardly 20% to 30% of the theme is used to craft the store, and the rest of the code stays in the root and is loaded every time the page loads, resulting in low speed. 

With this concern in mind, a custom theme is set while upgrading the store with taking care of responsiveness. We have to make sure not to change the structure, and the storefront should remain identical to the previous one for the existing customers.

This significant step resulted in achieving a 30% increase in page speed. Yet, the store is under optimization; We are making sure to have the boost in the coming days.

Removing Dependencies over third-party providers has generous third-party modules to make the store run as per need. The more your store has dependencies over these applications, the harder it is to scale in the future. On top of that, there are chances to have conflicts and resolve them, dragging you with unwanted delays in future custom updates.

Being a commerce partner, we solved many dependencies by providing a solution to Custom Shipping Rate calculations, MegaMenu, Search Suite Autocomplete, Manufacturer listing, and so on. 


With the higher speed, enhanced customer journey, and increased orders, is still exploring ways to provide a better customer experience. “We are finding ways to make our customers happy in every possible way,” says Jesse with the vision to employ the power of commerce!