Diamond Search/Loose Solitaire

Diamond Search and Ring Builder

Luxury brands are born to sell more customized products with personalization, and Jewelry brands never disappoint their customers when selling precious fine-cut diamonds! Not limited to finding diamonds, brands sell personalized and customized products to shoppers, such as engagement rings, loose solitaires, custom-named rings, bracelets, and whatnot!

Converting the thoughts and what the customer wants, Diamond Search is the most trending feature on many jewelry websites. It allows shoppers to browse and filter through a large selection of diamonds based on their desired specifications. Integrating the Diamond Search with RapNet can make it easier for jewelry brands to update their diamond inventory and provide customers with accurate pricing information.

How Candere managed to integrate the diamond search and show 1lakh products with seamless API integration


Candere wants to sell loose Solitaires to the shoppers with accurate pricing showing a large inventory. It needs to fetch data from API, save it in the database, and then power the frontend listing, product page, and shopping cart pages from the database table.


Navigate Commerce being their e-commerce agency partner, helps Candere with custom development. Performance over everything is what they thrive. Considering this complex solution, with oneway sync to Rapnet API, Navigate Commerce must follow the seamless integration and display results.

  • Allow shoppers to find the diamond as per their requirements
  • Integrate and configure fully responsive diamond search
  • Have filters to find the diamonds as per the choice
  • Able to manage custom development focusing on brand guidelines
  • Robust and user-friendly integration that allows store admins to interface and manage filters easily



Navigate Commerce has helped the brand to achieve these requirements focusing on two methods maintaining “Best practices, coding standards and great speed.”

  • Powerful customization with Rapnet : Building own search engine with instant inventory API access and managing up-to-date diamond inventory with complex shopping cart applications
  • Building complex search functionality : Implement a logic for creating a custom filter based on RapNet's diamond attributes. It must include diamond variations such as cut, clarity, size, shape, and color. Different filters need to be implemented on the Magento website for each attribute.
  • Displaying Diamond Information : Based on the filtered results, display detailed information about each diamond showcasing 1,00,000 results in nearly no time! The development includes the diamond's carat weight, color, clarity, cut, price, availability, and additional certification information.
  • Enabling Purchase Options : Enabling cart functionality for the purchase and integrating third-party tools for the diamond certification. Also, there is a need to ensure that the pricing information is up-to-date and accurately reflects the prices on RapNet.

“Navigate supports the overall development and helps Candere manage the complex Magento website. The team has been a great support, and their commitment and understanding of core Magento and e-commerce solutions are commendable. They are a strong Magento-certified team who are capable and talented."