Email Automation: What It Is, Benefits & More

Did you know that more than half the world’s population, or around 4 billion individuals, have at least one active email account? Hence, it comes as no surprise that email marketing is extremely effective. Even though the average CTR for email is just 2.6%, sending bulk emails can help you create a substantial number of leads.

Hence, email marketing is currently one of the MOST powerful ways of global communication. However, regularly delivering dynamic emails to numerous target audiences is certainly no stroll in the park. To say the least, it is an expensive, time-consuming, and challenging endeavor.

Therefore, when to-do checklists are building up, email automation is a solution. No, email automation doesn’t imply that robots will send your emails and generate all of your marketing ideas. However, certain aspects of the process are automated to ensure the process is less time-consuming and more effective.

This blog will provide a comprehensive guide on email automation, including what it is and how you can benefit from it.

Who Needs To Use Email Automation

Email is a crucial component of lead generation and digital marketing tactics; hence the word email automation is frequently used in the context of sales and marketing. Launching email campaigns to increase brand exposure, nurture customers, promote new goods or services, increase conversions, etc.

However, this is not confined to merely sales and marketing. Email automation is useful for anybody who communicates with several recipients regularly, such as a recruiting manager, a professor, or a PR agent.

Benefits of Email Automation

Email automation offers you multiple benefits:

Personalize your consumers’ experiences

Research confirms what most marketers already know: Personalization delights customers.

  • 90% of customers perceive tailored content as very or moderately attractive.
  • Individualized suggestions and offers increase the likelihood that customers will frequent a firm by 91%.
  • A recent trial indicated that customers’ click-through rates climbed by 11%, and product sales jumped by 38% when they understood an advertisement was based on their site activity.
  • In 2019, 72% of consumers only reacted to marketing communications that were tailored to their specific interests.
  • Email is the major form of personalization used by marketers.

With email automation, you may even construct a series of automatic emails to strengthen client connections and develop your company. Improving the effectiveness of email marketing as a marketing channel inside the sales funnel.

Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing team

Automation is altering the business practices of many types of teams. A 2017 poll of information workers revealed that respondents thought email marketing automation might increase staff productivity.

  • 69% of respondents thought automation might help minimize time spent.
  • 59% said that they’d save at least 6 hours per week if their job’s monotonous tasks were automated.
  • 72% of respondents indicated they would utilize the extra time to concentrate on more valuable tasks.

For example, email marketing teams may spend less time manually generating email lists and scheduling communications. Instead, team members might concentrate on other crucial responsibilities, such as cultivating in-depth client relationships.

With automation, more tasks are completed, and the extra productivity is of greater value.

Increase the rate of client retention

Existing customers are far simpler and less expensive to sell to than new ones, and with automation, it’s easier than ever to maintain contact. Schedule your communications so that your consumers do not go long before hearing from you, and make sure the material is as relevant as possible to optimize its effect.

A message that says, “Hey, it’s been a long since we’ve heard from you. Visit us!” is likely to wind tossed in the garbage. Contrast that with this:

“Dear Joe, We haven’t heard from you recently, so we wanted to ensure you were aware of our newest offer. The printer you’ve been purchasing replacement parts for has released a new version, which is 20% off! Come check it.”

This is a sample of a message that addresses a need, which increases the likelihood that a client would return.

Your marketing approach becomes scalable

When sending an email sequence manually, the number of consumers you can contact depends on your workforce size. Could you maintain your schedule if your consumer base increased overnight? Imagine if it tripled.

When your platform is configured to send a message each time someone joins up for your mailing list using a custom signup form, you do not need to make sure a staff person is available to deliver the message. By sending emails automatically, you may grow your email marketing operations. Explore further email marketing campaign tactics for extra inspiration.

With email automation, consumers are immediately integrated into your system upon doing any of the tracked activities. Their conduct informs your system of the messages to send them next without requiring more resources.

The Impact of Email Automation In eCommerce

Email automation has revolutionized the eCommerce industry, enabling marketers to deliver emails and newsletters more rapidly and effectively, as seen by the data presented below:

  • 51 percent of firms presently use marketing automation in some capacity. (Source)
  • Eighty percent of marketing automation customers saw a rise in the number of leads, and seventy-seven percent witnessed an improvement in their conversion rates. (Source)
  • According to respondents in a poll of information professionals, automating email marketing may increase staff efficiency. (Source)
  • Marketers at high-performing firms cite email automation as the number one cause of revenue growth. (Source)

Furthermore, email automation is also an efficient solution for one of the significant challenges in eCommerce; cart abandonment. Although online shopping cart abandonment is rarely seen in a good light, it represents a significant chance for brands to demonstrate their worth to consumers, close the transaction, and earn their loyalty. An agile, intuitive e-commerce email automation campaign will leverage this chance to interact with potential buyers on a deeper level than the standard “Hey [first name], you left some products in your cart!” email. The best part about this is that all you need is the right email automation software to get started, like Klaviyo, Avada or Mailchimp.

Tips To Create A Great Email Automation Campaign

As it is simple to lose one’s bearings while communicating with thousands of individuals, poorly planned email campaigns may severely affect firms.

No longer are customers prepared to get and read official email copies. In addition, 70% of youngsters are irritated when they get irrelevant communications, and 63% of consumers quit buying from firms with ineffective personalization strategies.

Therefore, it is vital to organize the campaign for success meticulously. Here’s how:

Segment the list of subscribers

Depending on your mailing goals, demographics alone may not be enough for segmentation. For instance, if your objective is to nurture loyal customers with unique offers, it is beneficial to use all the customer information gathered in your CRM as segmentation criteria. Or, for a set of welcome emails, consider a lead’s date of newsletter subscription.

Please remember that the more people you send an email template to, the less customized it might become. Unfortunately, it is hard to send mass communications that are highly tailored when you incorporate references to prior conversations or encounters. However, the extent of personalization relies on how intelligently you’ve designed your campaign. Appropriate recipient segmentation and adaptable templates may aid in avoiding the issue of insufficient personalization.

Define triggers

A trigger is an activity that occurs in reaction to an event and influences the recipient’s subsequent email sequence and content. It may be any subscriber activity or behavioral trend, such as a website visit, an abandoned shopping cart, a purchase confirmation, etc.

Create interactive content

You may customize each part’s pictures, calls-to-action, and even the general email style. Say a corporation offers men’s and women’s clothing. Accordingly, it has identified two recipient groups and targets each group with separate calls to action and embedded visuals.

Clear your email lists

Even if your database has been verified and purged of invalid addresses, it must be cleaned regularly to eliminate leads who have unsubscribed from newsletters or haven’t seen your emails in a while. If senders disregard validation, they will eventually get a greater quantity of delivery error signals, and their domain’s reputation will be harmed.

Thankfully, none of the above tasks must be performed manually. Marketing automation software for email marketing saves the day!

Make The Most of Email Automation With Navigate Commerce

Email marketing is really about delivering the appropriate message to the appropriate recipient at the proper time. If you cannot do it, your marketing effort may fail.

However, human efforts alone are insufficient to supply the rising demand for meaningful materials. You require something more robust, and email automation is the solution.

Knowing that a significant portion of your email marketing tasks is being completed automatically makes life simpler, allowing you to devote more time to business-critical tasks.

At Navigate Commerce, we provide a team of expert developers who specialize in various aspects of development, including email automation. Using the latest industry standards and an agile development approach, we create email automation solutions that help our clients make the best of email marketing without too much effort. Contact our team to learn more today!