Shopify Editions: The Biggest Developer Updates In 2022

Consumers have a plethora of buying alternatives in today’s technologically advanced and fast-expanding digital economy. On the other hand, brands that effectively addressed customers’ purchasing needs and formed deep relationships had an advantage in long-term market dominance.

With this in mind, Shopify has made it simple for eCommerce entrepreneurs to start, build, and scale their businesses internationally through the use of its tools, features, functionality, and goods. Shopify Editions is a revolutionary approach to discovering the tools merchants need to expand their companies and the most cutting-edge APIs and integrations, all in one place.

Once a year, the platform will provide a brand-new Edition experience that focuses on the most recent product releases, providing context and insight to help you and your clients rapidly grasp what’s new.

In this blog, we’ll better understand what Shopify Editions is all about and the biggest updates on the platform in 2022.

Built for Shopify

In order to provide you with everything you need to develop an app that feels like it belongs to Shopify, the platform launched the Built for Shopify program. Moreover, they’ve put up a set of App Design Guidelines to help you create a Shopify app of the highest caliber. If your app fulfills these increased requirements, it will be eligible to be listed on the most popular Shopify Admin and App Store pages. You and the merchants benefit from the increased exposure your applications get as a result of this partnership.

Shopify Functions

It’s now possible to extend Shopify in ways that weren’t previously possible, and they do so at a rate fast enough to support the biggest flash sales in history. Shopify plans to add support for additional features in the future, such as order routing and shipping rates, as well as checkout and cart validations. The platform will also be adding support for return validations in the future.

Moreover, thanks to an app that distributes and configures functions, merchants don’t have to write a single line of code. It was previously only accessible to Plus customers, but now it’s available to all Shopify retailers via the App Store.

Checkout Extensibility

Custom apps or the Shopify App Store may be used for the first time to extend the capabilities of checkout and Shop Pay. Now available in Developer Preview, Checkout Extensibility is meant to be secure, quick, and upgrade-proof. Checkout UI extensions, Shopify Functions, Checkout Branding APIs, and Pixels for tracking events were all included in their latest release. However, in order to use apps created with checkout UI extensions, you must be a Plus merchant.

Pre-orders and More

Take advantage of new buying alternatives like pre-orders and tests before you buy to help businesses flourish. Selling Plan APIs have been updated to enable postponed payment acquisition and deposit options. When buyers can reserve a product in advance, retailers may better control inventory production and develop an interest in a new or current product because of pre-orders. Demand for pre-orders is rising as retailers seek to reduce their stock levels.

B2B on Shopify

Effective on June 27th, Shopify introduced a substantial overhaul of the wholesale sales process for its merchants. Shopify’s B2B features are built into the platform. They include new B2B APIs, such as business profiles, pricing information, and net payment conditions, that make it easier to connect with wholesale clients. Shopify’s most configurable tools for B2B businesses (including themes, discounts, and Functions) are now available to merchants, allowing them to customize the buying process for their wholesale clients.


Create your data narrative and solve your most pressing business questions with the help of the ShopifyQL Notebook, an exclusive feature for Shopify Plus users. You may directly query Shopify’s analytical data to create market intelligence without engaging with data transformation using the GraphQL Admin API. Your reports will no longer be out of sync with Shopify data.


Your customers may use the Segmentation API, which is completely controlled via GraphQL queries, to better segment customer data. Businesses may now segment customers based on their buying habits, geography, or marketing choices using the information that is given via your app.

Return APIs

To assist your customers in better managing orders, you can now provide early access to return APIs that will give them access to key return data across several platforms.

Twitter Sales

Retailers now can immediately list their items on their Twitter pages. It is a popular step since retailers can offer their items to millions of people worldwide through a single, direct route.

Shopify Cash

Shopify Cash is a new checkout option launched by Shopify. Using its Shop Cash Boots, you may generate fresh offers and gift cards for your existing consumers and new targetted clients.

Buyers that use Shopify Cash will benefit from this checkout mechanism, which will add a significant amount to their wallets with each shop purchase.


Above all, with this recent upgrade, you will be able to eliminate shipping costs, acquire carbon offsets with Shop Pay, and utilize Storefront to demonstrate your commitment to potential consumers.

Shopify Hydrogen and Shopify Oxygen

This is one of the major changes that most merchants and the Shopify professional community have been looking forward to since their announcements.

The Shopify Hydrogen was created by merging React and JavaScript to create a framework that will aid in the creation of rapid stores by integrating pre-built templates, themes, and Shopify’s APIs.

Once you’ve finished designing your shop, you can host it directly with Shopify Oxygen, which guarantees fast and dependable hosting across 100 servers.

Shopify Balance

You will be paid faster, track your purchasing success, and get unique perks with a money management account and Visa card if you have a Shopify balance.

The Most With A Shopify Partner

Shopify Editions are now available to help you browse, manage, and deploy apps on Shopify. Improve your client interactions by upgrading to the most recent Shopify Editions version. Shopify Editions offers the proper tool to assist retailers in providing a personalized shopping experience to customers and retaining them.

However, if you’re finding it difficult to keep up with all the latest changes and upgrades, or if you want to develop your Shopify store, it’s recommended to work with a Shopify partner, like us at Navigate Commerce. To learn more about how we can help, contact our team now!