Hyvä Themes The revolution in store performance

So the recent echo word “Hyvä” is making its way in the Magento community for the best site performance and light speed. Willem Wigman started to construct the solution for the redundancy of slow-performance Magento base sites. There are things that hamper the store’s performance, yet it can be managed by following standards and reducing the dependencies! 

eCommerce-focused agencies are leaning gladly towards Hyvä themes over a native Luma theme. These are not the most favorable things amongst the Magento developer community, but merchants keep an eye on it and make sure to move forward with it. Because results say so! The proven things. So this article is all about Hyvä Themes. What is Hyvä? The benefits of having Hyvä themes on your Magento echo system. When is the right time to implement it? And the coming road map of it!

So fasten your thoughts and be sure to have competent things that help you achieve your commerce goals down the lane. Let's get insights about Hyvä themes: the revolution in store performance.

What is Hyvä themes?

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Themes are a defined structure of the storefront as we know them. It helps to cultivate a store that appeals to shoppers to take the desired actions. Saying that, It was all started by Willem Wigman, who wanted to remove the dependencies and build it from scratch! To achieve something beyond the level, you must move two steps ahead. Hyvä themes are appreciated and welcomed by the vendors, and merchants who have already implemented it can see the difference.

Nothing is destructive about following the core Magento theme and building the custom one, but change is a part of life. From moving bulky store fronts with multiple coding, Willem shifted it to hold a single framework called AlpineJS and added Tailwind CSS that reduces the noticeable outputs compared to traditional ones. The added advantage of using the Hyvä theme is the XML layout and PHTML files that make a cleaner and simpler coding process. And the most impressive thing, above all, is the speed and performance. Hyvä tops the race for all competitive storefront technology solutions.

Hyvä vs. Luma

A nondeniable fact is those who are working in the Magento ecosystem and following the leverages that Luma provides, focusing on all the basic commerce needs, we truly understand the hesitancy they have. Yet, in the long run, you don’t want to suffer from the competition just because of old technology. Don’t regret it later; if you have a roadmap, budget, and seek improvements, have Hyvä.

A quick check on Luma

So Magento has been achieving out-of-the-box functionalities catering to e-commerce needs on the go. Even being an Opensource, functionalities can be extended as per merchants’ needs. Similarly, the Luma Theme is built on the base theme of Magento that provides the native Magento Functionalities. The launch of Magento 2 made merchants think wisely moving forward. Luma had criticism of being sluggish and hard to improve, and, there aren’t any impeccable updates on Luma.

Why is Luma aloof from the Magento Community because of heavy CSS and JavaScript? It made things bulky and old-fashioned! The reason is the size of CSS and Javascript files pilled up as a dead code that stays within the system. So the results are not what they have envisioned. This is how The Magento community of developers and Merchants both much appreciates hyvä themes.

Hyvä VS. Luma: The Differences

What are the noticeable differences between Hyvä and Luma? The answer is three most good reasons set both themes apart.


Let’s examine each one and compare it to Hyvä. As Hyvä is fresh and new, upcoming and current developers are learning these storefront processes in the long run.

Quality and Performance

Quality and performance are the first and foremost points to take Hyvä themes over Luma. Hyvä theme for Magento 2 is clean and speed-focused, as we mentioned above. We are not saying by words of others; we have already tried and tested ourselves. It can simply earn High scores across Google’s core web vitals for all the devices. This is where Hyvä stands. In the case of Luma, there is a need to optimize the store again to get the score merchants wished to achieve.

Upgrade Ability

To become two steps ahead, your Magento store must be on the latest and greatest versions of the tech stakes! Make sense? As there are no noticeable things that have been happening across the entire storefront technologies, the reflection shows to have an update. To have that update, the efforts are huge, and even Magento and other eCommerce platforms are focused on technologies like headless and PWAs. Hence, Luma is not the fit for the future ability to upgrade.

Future Learning Curve

To be a preference in e-commerce, the shift should also favor developers. Developers must enjoy the change while working on it. The Hyvä front is more logical, stylish, and isolated to mostly single PHTMS files. In the case of Luma, it is complex to work and maneuver compared to Hyvä. As Hyvä is fresh and new, the upcoming and current developers are learning these storefront processes in the long run.

Why is Hyvä so popular?

Scaling Performance

As we are already saying, the market shows itself how the Hyvä theme performs and breaks records. If we are asked to describe three words for Hyvä, our answer is Speed, Performance, and Assurance. The speed is bang on all smart devices. The interaction time is excellent; it takes only 2 seconds to load the site fully with every element. The numbers are impressive and considerable, and they are good for SEO, too. Having fast and effective pages is a favorable thing in SEO.

No to the complexity and Yes to Simplicity

Being a Magento 2 store owner, it is easy to make the transition and implement the Hyvä theme. No need to start from scratch. If you are still running the store on M1, wake up, buddy. Why are you sleeping with an open eye? This is the time to move. Take a fresh start with Magento 2 and utilize Hyvä; no sweat, things happen. With a clear plan, a healthy and well-versed team of developers is excellent. Go down to find the answer on how to find the right Hyvä developer.

Reduced Development time

The technicalities of Hyvä are much cleaner and more compact compared to all the Magento themes. It takes less time to work on complex coding and modifications. Even debugging is easy if you have the right fit for your store to support. Even if it initially takes reasonable time, it is just on the base of our custom themes and how it will impact and touch the rest of the things on a code level.

Developers’ Experience

Well, merchants do their part, and Developers do theirs; all good here. But the point here is how the support is given from the point where you got stuck or sought assistance with Hyvä themes. The Hyvä theme experts are developers in nature. They know every nerve of the development. On the other hand, awareness, issues, or discussion can be experienced only with the support of merchants like you. If you share the things, they might have the solutions or things on the updates in later versions.

Maintenance Convenience

If it is easy to use, it should be easy to maintain. Correct? To know how convenient Hyvä Magento maintenance is, We have broken down the two significant aspects of Hyvä: Factors and Upgrades. Factors are the data about markup, styles, and functionality combined as theme-base components. So in case of maintenance, the only thing you need to do is to switch the part or isolate if it seems wrong! There is no need to change the framework or impact things other than the exact spots. Save valuable time in efforts and money with Hyvä themes.

The other aspect of maintenance is Upgrade. The changes in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files won’t affect you while running any upgrade. The Hyvä theme is updated, and you can always take your call when needed.

When would be the best time to implement Hyvä?

Hyvä itself means “Good.” It is compact, flexible, and efficient in every possible way. So the implementation is smooth too! You can adapt the theme, but it might be tricky to integrate with your existing system. Help from the knowledgeable team would be an added advantage and a must way to go.

If you are wondering when is the best time to move on Hyvä themes, it is right now! The community is still growing, and those who have used it are overwhelmed with the overall response in terms of code, development, support, and benefits.

Navigate has initiated efforts to provide Hyvä Theme Development services with the better enhancement of the Magento website. For those who are looking to migrate to Magento 2 or seeking an upgrade, We suggest counting Hyvä in the list. Navigate Commerce can be the evitable part from the beginning to assist you with the right directions and advise the best commerce tools. And our Hyvä Partner Agency badge leads to the same assurance. 

The benefit of working with Navigate Commerce

Trustworthy Partners

Navigate Commerce is an official partner of Adobe Commerce and has been keeping an eye on everything related to Magento—from Adobe Commerce to Magento association to Mage-Os, Mage-chat to Hyvä! We constantly update our team with sound knowledge and information about platforms.

Dedicated Experts

Navigate Commerce experts are Magento certified and work with small to high-ticket clients. The team is innately dedicated to eCommerce development and never deviates! A plus to count on us. The mission is to provide the best e-commerce with a consultative, customer-centric, and, most importantly, sales-centric approach.

Cost-effective Price

Business should be a win-win for both! To have success, we always put our front foot forward for customers. Nothing is free if you strive to succeed. The company abides by the standards and provides the best customer services with well-managed communication and accountability at cost-effective prices.

Hyvä Partner Agency

While working on Hyvä themes for Magento 2 and providing support to merchants, we witnessed performance upgrades and speed improvements. We are the best Hyvä partner agency in India with over a decade of Magento development experience, giving you assurance on every project we work on.

Are you Hyvä ready?

By now, you must have gained insights into Hyvä themes, a true revolution in store performance and what are the differences between Luma and Hyvä themes. To respect your final decision, whether to move with Hyvä or not, the article is articulated to share the benefits of Hyvä. Yet, it comes with the cost that merchants can benefit from in the long run. No penny will be wasted. As we say, change is inevitable, and sooner or later, we are a part of it. The market has witnessed frontend technology revamp in all prominent eCommerce platforms such as Magento 2. We would be glad to be a part of your first move to make the store Hyvä updated. So, Are you hyvä ready? Get in touch in case of any assistance!