Navigate Commerce is a Hyvä Partner Agency

Navigate Commerce is delighted to announce its latest milestone as a Hyvä Partner Agency! Our journey commenced as a Hyvä Supplier, and today, we proudly hold the title of Hyvä Bronze Partner. This achievement underscores our dedication to providing scalable eCommerce solutions that empower businesses and brands worldwide. At Navigate Commerce, we remain reliable in our commitment to our clients, aiding them in achieving eCommerce success with industry-leading solutions like Hyvä.

Hyvä Partnership Program

No, it's not like a pay-and-play kind of every partnership solution; the Hyvä team prioritizes values for their partners and suppliers. Their merit-based partner program emphasizes fairness and evaluates how agencies assist merchants with their Magento Hyvä solutions. It could be a license of their products, knowledge-rich content, compatibility, and more! The pure value-based program that shares how you share values with your client. By now, nearly 700+ Agencies across the globe have become partners or suppliers with Hyvä themes. Navigate Commerce is emerging as a Hyvä partner agency in India.

What is the Hyvä Partner Program?

Becoming a Hyvä Supplier is as swift as their solution, but to earn the status of a partner, agencies must prove themselves worthy. In February 2024, the Hyvä team introduced a partner program based on merit, assessing partners based on client success, communication, and design capabilities—the three core qualities that partners should possess. Partners receive partnership badges—Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze—based on their performance. According to recent interviews with the team, these core partnership criteria are highly valued, with badge updates expected in the summer of 2025. The major requirement for this badge is that 50% of the website must pass Core web vitals.

Navigate Commerce's Commitment

Navigate Commerce remains committed to its partners and clients, and we are grateful for their unwavering trust and support. However, our journey continues. With renewed dedication, we aim to elevate our clients' outcomes through Magento + Hyvä themes and Adobe Commerce + Hyvä Enterprise solutions.

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Discover what our Hyvä Developers have to say

Now that you are familiar with Hyvä themes and their evolving solution for Magento store owners, let's see what our Hyvä developers have to say!

"Hyvä themes are sleek and purely focused on performance! What else does a merchant need other than fast-blazing websites? I have worked on 5+ Hyvä projects, and I love exploring, learning, and working on them. Oh, did I mention their UI? A pleasure to have a Magento + Hyvä to work on along with my team at Navigate Commerce." - Rahul Singh, Magento Developer, Navigate Commerce

Ready to take your next step with Hyvä Partner agency?

With Hyvä themes, merchants can elevate their website's speed and performance. We have witnessed this firsthand for our clients. Our team is dedicated to continuous improvement, communication, and delivering the best for your Magento (Adobe Commerce) website. Navigate Commerce is now a proud Hyvä Bronze Partner! Don't hesitate to reach out to our Hyvä Experts today to learn more and take your next step forward!