What is Hyvä Theme? A guide for all

Optimizing and scaling your highly functional & custom Magento website is crucial for success. Merchants have always been complaining about slow and poorly built websites. Having a fully functional store is just the beginning; merchants crave superior website performance above all else, Do you agree? If yes, the solution is here! Enter Hyvä, the evolutionary Magento 2 theme that's a deadly commerce frontend solution! Designed with a sharp focus on performance and simplicity, Hyvä offers faster load times, improved scalability, and enhanced SEO rankings for your Magento websites. Join us on an exciting journey to explore the wonders of the Hyvä theme. With a thorough understanding of its core features, we'll reveal its significant impact on Magento 2. Discover the benefits, importance, and more as we prepare you to witness the transformation that awaits your online store with Hyvä!

What is Hyvä Themes?

Hyvä themes is the new Magento theme but not just another Magento theme in the market. Hyvä Themes provides an innovative Magento frontend that is entirely new and constructed from the ground up using the Magento standard approach. Being developed by the Magento developer, Willem has crafted this theme that includes what developers love and removed unwanted and dependent components.

What is Hyvä?

With a prominent focus on performance and simplicity, Hyvä themes provide faster load time to your Magento webshops. It uses the templating style of Magento development, which means you can implement the hyva theme page-by-page. Removing dependencies on JS libraries will make it easy to customize the Hyvä theme and require less time than other themes in the Magento marketplace. Even this theme offers alternative solutions to PWA (Progressive-web-applications), which typically results in quicker websites with less budget, using tools that are already known to most Magento developers.

How is it changing the face of Magento 2?

Let us tell you a story behind the invention of the Hyvä theme! And for that, you need to understand why there are performance issues in the Magento UI. If you are a tech person and love coding, you must be aware of this and have been helping brands and merchants with possible solutions with their own custom themes or removing bloated, ghost code.

This default theme issue in the frontend part of Magento requires a large amount of JS that loads every time with the page, and optimizing the heaps of code is challenging. To address these issues, Hyvä offers solutions specifically designed for Magento 2 performance optimization.

Alpine.js is now being used in the Hyvä theme, which decreases the amount of JavaScript files that need to be loaded for each page. They say it is 13X faster after reducing the unwanted JS components. In a nutshell, it also depends on the third-party systems to which your Magento website is connected. And hence, the number of requests differs with the complexity of the website. But, there's a significant improvement in the performance.

It is a fact that Hyvä Magento 2 themes are a far superior option than relying on bundling in Magento 2 for high-volume requests. The bundling process in Magento 2 is laborious and less user-friendly, with potential coding-related issues. For comprehensive details on frontend concerns in Magento 2, including those related to JS and CSS, kindly refer to the linked video. It is from the developer's perspective, but you can see the relative solutions on Hyvä.io for merchants.

How is it changing the face of Magento 2?

Benefits of Hyvä Themes

Merchants and Magento agencies are adopting and welcoming Hyvä, becoming the "go-to" solution for every Magento build. Not only this, the Hyvä team has introduced Hyvä UI and Hyvä checkout, which improves the overall performance of the stores. Hyvä theme benefits merchants, brands, agencies, and developers. Intending to help and be favorable to everyone, here are powerful benefits of the Hyvä theme that you should consider. How would it help? Let's dig into some significant advantages of Hyvä themes.

Benefits of Hyvä

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Say goodbye to the sluggish Magento websites! Building from scratch, Hyvä Themes are optimized for speed and loading times, leading to faster page load and enhanced SEO rankings.
  • Mobile-Friendly: All the premium Magento themes come with the standard UI/UX and workflow, but they are not 100% responsive. Hyvä themes and even the Hyvä UI library are mobile-friendly! All the components fit nicely in every device.
  • Cost & Time Saving: We constantly debated this as merchants say there's the license fee. This license fee is a one-time investment that helps expedite the time to market, accelerates the development process, and consumes less time than highly custom Magento theme development. In the longer run, it helps you reduce TCO! Hyvä Themes offer modern and appealing designs, assisting merchants to create visually engaging online stores.
  • Customization: With the minimalistic approach, Hyvä Themes provide customization options to tailor the storefront to specific brand identities. Moreover, the Live & young slack community can help you with the solutions if stuck!
  • Developer-Friendly: Removing unwanted libraries and changing the code architecture of the frontend solution, Hyvä helps developers with a better learning curve. Using the Hyvä UI library, developers can expedite the frontend development phase. Developers appreciate the clean codebase and ease of extending and customizing the themes.
  • Security and upgrades: Hyvä theme promises to create safe and secure development. With this goal, they constantly develop secure solutions, resolve bugs and issues, or add features with their new version release.

How to Install Hyvä Theme

Moving forward with your Magento website, optimization and scalability is the issue that most merchant faces even today! Having a fully functional Magento website is not enough, and what merchants love the most is website performance above all! With this aim, the Hyvä theme is introduced, making its way for the optimized Magento frontend solution. Building from scratch with the entirely new architecture allows developers to choose Magento’s flexibility and speed of Hyvä to create robust, scalable, and sleek stores. In this section of the article, we will shed some light on installing the Hyvä theme and more.

Overview of Hyvä Themes for Magento 2.4.x:

Hyvä Themes is an essential frontend theme crafted exclusively for Magento, which is widely used across the industry. Magento is a powerful e-commerce solution with out-of-the-box features and extended flexibility. But for a long time, no significant front-end update could help merchants boost the store's performance. And that's where Hyvä introduced! It aims to enhance Magento's performance, user experience, and overall front-end development. Hyvä Themes follows a minimalistic approach, modern design patterns, and clean code to provide an efficient and user-friendly online shopping experience.

Hyvä theme Features:

  • 100% secure Hyvä checkout.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free learning Documents.
  • Free access to the Slack channel
  • Access to Hyvä UI library


  • Ensure Magento 2.4.x is installed and functioning: Before proceeding with the Hyvä theme installation, it is crucial to have a fully functional installation of Magento 2.4.x. Ensure your Magento store is up and running without any critical issues.
  • Create a backup of your Magento installation and database: Installing a new theme involves changing your Magento installation. Creating a backup of your entire Magento directory and database is essential to ensure you can revert to a stable state if anything goes wrong during installation.
  • Familiarity with Magento Admin Panel: This guide assumes that users are familiar with the Magento Admin Panel. Knowledge of navigating through the admin interface and configuring Magento settings will be helpful during the installation and configuration process.

Hyvä theme is compatible with Magento 2.4.3 or higher versions. Ensure your Magento version is older than 2.4.3, and we recommend upgrading first and then implementing the Hyvä theme.

Obtaining the Hyvä Theme Package

  • How to Purchase or Access the Hyvä Theme: Hyvä Themes is a premium theme and can be purchased from the official Hyvä website or through official Hyvä suppliers. Visit the Hyvä Themes website and follow the steps to buy a license for the theme.
  • Understanding the Theme Package Contents: After purchasing the Hyvä theme, you will receive a downloadable package via Packagist with a private key.
  • License information: Mbg-themedark container mx-auto px-7 lg:mt-8 text-right
      • Log in to your Magento Admin panel.
    composer config repositories.Hyvä-themes/magento2-theme-module git [email protected]ä.io:Hyvä-themes/magento2-theme-module.git
    composer config repositories.Hyvä-themes/magento2-reset-theme git [email protected]ä.io:Hyvä-themes/magento2-reset-theme.git
    composer config repositories.Hyvä-themes/magento2-email-module git [email protected]ä.io:Hyvä-themes/magento2-email-module.git
    composer config repositories.Hyvä-themes/magento2-default-theme git [email protected]ä.io:Hyvä-themes/magento2-default-theme.git
    composer require Hyvä-themes/magento2-default-theme --prefer-source
    • Navigate to Stores > Configuration.
    • Under General, select Design.
    • In the Design Theme section, choose the Hyvä theme as the desired theme for your store.
    • Save the configuration.
  • Compile and Deploy:
      • Run the following commands from your Magento installation root directory to compile the theme and deploy static content:
    bin/magento setup:upgrade
    bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
    bin/magento cache:flush
  • Configure Hyvä Theme Options:
    • Check the official documentation of the Hyvä theme to learn about any specific configuration options available. Configure these options via the Magento Admin panel in the respective theme settings.
  • Verify the Installation:
    • Finally, check your storefront to see if the Hyvä theme is active and displaying correctly.

This step-by-step hyvä installation allows you to implement the theme successfully. Make sure of your Magento version and follow their official documents if there are any glitches in the installation. Making sure of this guide, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the hyvä theme. It is truly a value for money, and with their other products, it doubles the value against the investment cost. Upgrade your Magento store to make it compatible with Hyvä themes. If you are unaware of how Hyvä works, it would be advised to contact official Hyvä partners to help you out with the solutions.

What is Luma fallback in Hyvä themes?

Luma fallback is a mechanism in the Hyvä theme that allows developers to use certain components and assets from the default Magento Luma theme when they are not explicitly defined or overridden in the Hyvä theme based on your custom store. It ensures better compatibility with Magento’s core functionality and provides a smoother transition when adopting the Hyvä theme. It selectively overrides only the elements it needs while maintaining the rest of the Magento Luma theme's default behavior. This approach reduces development effort, eases theme updates, and ensures consistency with Magento's core features. If you wish to customize the Luma fallback behavior in the Hyvä theme, check the documentation or developer resources the Hyvä theme team provided. They may offer guidelines on how to modify or extend the Luma fallback behavior to suit your specific requirements. Even Hyvä products are all made following this mechanism, saying multiple choice for your Magento website: Hyvä theme + Luma Checkout, Luma theme + Hyvä checkout, Hyvä theme + Hyvä checkout! Choose the best that defines your store and fix your Magento front end with Hyvä!

Need help implementing the Hyvä theme in your Magento store, or are you migrating your online website to Magento? If you want to collaborate with Magento Hyvä Solution Partner, drop us at [email protected] or Contact Us!

References and Resources:

A good Hyvä Development Company: a little checklist

Kudos! Finally, you have made it this far and wanted to join the Hyvä hype; yay! After having Magento: An Adobe Company, the Magento community's charm, and liveliness have been lost somewhere. Even though the platform serves the best, what it used to be known is for its community and the ecosystem. Thanks to Hyvä, a jack of all trades, the community is live again, and there's the vibe you will see in their Slack channel once you are part of it. This blazing fast and sleek Hyvä theme helps you ripe the benefits of it and boost conversions. Moving ahead will only help you optimize the store and Hyvä implementation, support, and upgrades if you have the right Hyvä developer for your Magento store. So, ultimately, Magento websites' success heavily depends on the Magento agency or the Hyvä developer you choose to work with. We have already covered the benefits of the Hyvä theme and the value you will have in return from Hyvä. Now the only thing left behind is to find a good Hyvä development agency.

We have curated a checklist on how to choose the Hyvä theme development agency. Hope it helps you choose the one for you. :)

This checklist on how to choose a Hyvä developer, you don't need to sound technical or have the code base knowledge! There might be some buzz with the tech words, but finding a Magento partner is a good way. Shall we go?

Hyvä theme official partner list

Along with the partners and collaborators, Hyvä's theme has official Hyvä partners across the globe. It would be the best way to find the Hyvä developer/agency. The team/agency behind Hyvä care for the quality code, and being listed there means they have earned the badge!

Hyvä based Magento Website Portfolio

Magento is complex, and it needs skilled resources to work with. So a Magento agency with more than five years of experience in Magento developers would be preferred. Also, ask them to share their Hyvä base Magento websites. Also, for the quality work and performance, we suggest going with the extensive Magento experience agency as they have been working on Magento, and adopting Hyvä as their first project won't be a hustle for them. And yes, don't forget to discuss the commercials.

Hyvä compatible Magento extension development

Hyvä is trending at the time being, but there are solutions yet to be made compatible with the theme. Your existing Magento 2 website might be using extensions that must be Hyvä-compatible. Does your agency know how to make extensions Hyvä ready? Do they know the process of doing it?

What is the estimated development time for the Hyvä theme?

If the developers are exploring Hyvä and learning simultaneously, it will take a noticeable time. If you are looking for experienced Hyvä developers, it will take less time to build Hyvä themed Magento website than a custom Luma base. On a standard note, for the frontend part, it would take 2-3 months for a new Hyvä development. It depends on the team and developers too!

A member of the Hyvä community

Is your developer or company a part of the Hyvä community? Hyvä-minded developers are on Slack and have been looking for ways and solutions to improve the development. They share common interests and learn while asking for solutions to their development issues. It even helps them know the new versions, features, and product updates.

Ask if the company can help optimize and scale your Magento website.

We have been saying a lot about the unsung hero of e-commerce, which is ongoing support and maintenance. E-commerce is not a "done-and-dusted" thing! There's always room for improvements that help you scale and provide better customer service. Ask your agency if they would help you with support & maintenance, performance optimization, server maintenance, etc. It would be better to have everything under one roof and focus on the business & marketing rather than juggling multiple resources, micromanaging them, and leaving the business without a strategic roadbase!

Ask overall experience of the team with Hyvä.

If someone asks us, there are more legitimate solutions than having a single developer for everything. There's always a pair of two developers (Frontend & backend) for every e-commerce project. Having both of them, the Hyvä sound would excel. The team will lead the solutions on your account and give you the final website update! That includes communication, support, ticket management, and everything in between.

Check if the developer assigned to your project has experience with Hyvä.

Do not rely only on the agency's reputation; check with the developers. Ask who will lead the project. Does he sound with Magento & Hyvä knowledge? How much experience does the developer have working in Magento in general?

That is all about a helpful checklist to consider when choosing a Hyvä partner. If you are not confident with your current options and are searching for Magento developers who meet all the requirements, Navigate Commerce can assist you. We have extensive experience working with Hyvä since its early versions and were among the first to adopt it in India. You can trust that our team of professionals will handle the task with expertise.

Don't hesitate; let's make it happen!

Want Help With Hyvä Themes?

What to expect from the Hyvä theme?

So, you are all set to have the vibe of the Hyvä theme and be part of this beautiful community! And in this section, we will share insights on hyva and how merchants benefit from the blazingly fast and sleek performance-oriented Magento theme. The team of hyva itself says:

"As Hyvä says itself: “Hyvä is not revolutionary. Hyvä is not built to become a hype. One could say that Hyvä is the version of Luma we wished Magento had built. Or the frontend that Luma potentially could have become.”

Here we are sharing the some real-time usage and statistics of the hyva theme that says how Magento agencies and merchants are happy with the solutions, leaving no doubt.

Hyvä Themes statistics

  • Hyvä Themes are used by nearly 3000 e-commerce websites across the globe!
  • In the United States, are currently 500+ websites using Hyvä Themes built on Magento 2.
  • Hyvä themes are used for many websites and work perfectly with complex and highly custom stores!
  • You need to purchase a single hyva theme if you have a multi-store Magento website.
  • The community is young, with over 4500 hyvä-mazing people over a slack
  • Trusted by more than 400 Web Development Agencies worldwide
  • 140+ extensions are compatible with the hyva theme, and more will be available soon!

What value does the Hyvä theme add to your Magento website?

We have shared what you will get with the hyva theme purchase, and just for your ease, let me revise it here, too, so you don't need to break the link. Appreciate that you have come this far. If you like this blog, you can ask Priyal to write one. She is a joy to work with.

Okay, be focused! You have to purchase a hyva theme from hyva.io, and if you are considering a hyva theme, make sure to have a look at their checkout! The theme costs you €1,000.00, and in that hyva theme license, you will get the following:

  • One-time purchase
  • Unlimited updates included
  • Valid for one Magento 2 installation with unlimited domains and store views.
  • Full access to the Hyvä Themes code via Private Packagist and Gitlab
  • Access to third-party compat modules
  • Support and Community access on our private Slack channels
  • Free Online resource documentation In terms of benefits to merchants and improvements, let's see this used case.

E-commerce challenges

Magento is backed with flexibility and out-of-box solutions for merchants. But, have you ever seen that most of the solutions are crafted to ease the operations and backend oriented? And what happens if merchants don’t get it right? What’s causing customers to drop off? According to sources,

  • Poor Customer Experience – 66% of customers will stop buying from a company if they had a negative customer experience (Microsoft)
  • Creating accounts with lengthy processes –When you ask customers to create an account during checkout, the likelihood of them abandoning their cart increases. (Baymard Institute & NRF)
  • Complicated checkout pages –Did you know that approximately 18% of customers leave checkout pages when they are not user-friendly? It's important to ensure that your checkout process is simple and easy to use to avoid losing potential customers. (Baymard Institute)
  • Underperforming website –If your website lacks a welcoming and exciting feel, don't anticipate customers to be interested in your product.
  • Slow page load times –A delay of one second in page load time results in a reduction of 11% in page views and a 7% loss in conversions.

And we end up saying, Magento sucks! When you have the right team and solutions, everything falls into place, and your Magento website can scale more effectively. Successful hyva implementation with your Magento website leads to enhanced performance, scale the website with new custom and complex development, reduced time to market, and more.

What is Hyvä Enterprise?

Worried that Hyvä themes can't boost your Adobe Commerce store? Never mind, as this superstar team has launched their Hyvä Enterprise. Now merchants using Adobe Commerce or Commerce Cloud can benefit from Hyvä frontend and boost the website performance, Speed and more.

Unlocking the Hyvä magic with your Magento Commerce/Adobe Commerce helps you manage the topmost features like AI search, Merchandising, and personalization with Adobe Sensei and more! Hold on; we are yet to be finished, as their upcoming upgrades have covered the B2B capabilities, RMA, Google Tag Manager, and more.

Learn more about the Hyvä Enterprise solution to scale your Adobe Commerce websites at: https://www.hyva.io/hyva-enterprise.html. Drop us a "Hi" at [email protected] to learn more about the benefits of the Hyvä theme enterprise solution.

Hyvä FAQs?

We have curated this section based on our constant communication with merchants and brand owners. They have been asking questions, and we have tried to provide answers to the most common ones. This will help you make an informed decision during your call with your Magento development agency.

Q: What sets Hyvä Themes apart as a better performer?

The Hyvä theme has less code than the default Magento theme, Luma. Using TailwindCSS, developers can create small and efficient CSS files with only necessary directives. This reduces the use of JavaScript, resulting in faster eCommerce. Also, the Hyvä theme has fewer layout blocks.

Q: Does Hyvä support additional Magento extensions?

Hyvä's architecture is designed to be modular, making it easy to customize solutions for projects of any size or complexity. Users can add core modules with pre-defined functions and their own or third-party extensions to meet their specific needs. This provides flexibility and a tailored approach to each project.

Q: Is Hyvä compatible with Adobe Commerce?

Hyvä works with Adobe Commerce, allowing merchants to use its powerful platform alongside Adobe Commerce's backend.

Q: What payment methods does the Hyvä Theme support?

The Hyvä theme supports multiple payment methods, including Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Stripe, and Bank Transfer.

Q: How can I integrate Hyvä Themes into a checkout?

Any Magento 2 checkout can be combined with Hyvä themes. They can be:

  • Hyvä theme + Luma Checkout
  • Hyvä theme + Hyvä Checkout
  • Hyvä theme + OneStepCheckout

Q: Does Hyvä Themes come with a checkout module?

No, Hyvä Theme doesn’t include checkout. If you want to boost the conversion at the checkout page, look at their checkout too.

Q: Are you an official supplier of Hyvä?

Yes, Navigate Commerce is an official Hyvä supplier. You can find us listed on the Hyvä supplier list. We maintain regular communication with the official team at Hyvä for our projects.

Q: How difficult is it to migrate my existing Magento theme to a Hyvä theme?

It takes expertise to create a version of your Magento website theme compatible with Hyvä, but the rewards can be significant. The length of time this process takes depends on the complexity of the project and how you want your store to interact with other Magento extensions and third-party systems. It could take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks.

Q: What is the estimated cost of creating a storefront with the Hyvä theme?

The thumb rule of any costing: License fees + Development Costs + Server & Security. The price of creating a Hyvä-themed storefront is dependent on the business needs and preferences. For a simple design, the total cost would be the license fee (1000 euros) plus development expenses. However, if you require more features or customization options, the development prices may vary. And the cost of SSL certification and security.

Q: Is there a free trial license available from Hyvä Themes before making a purchase decision?

Hyvä does not provide a free trial for new customers, but you can request a refund within 14 days of purchasing to try out the product and its features. This allows you to decide if you want to continue with the license. The trial period lasts for 14 days, and if you continue to use Hyvä beyond that time, your subscription payments will begin to be charged.

Need help with the Hyvä theme?

Hyvä themes is sleek, blazingly fast, performance-focused, and a developer's choice Magento theme that helps merchants with optimized Magento websites. By evaluating the Magento agency's experience, specialization, communication, and support, you can partner with a reliable team that delivers a high-quality, performance-driven Hyvä theme tailored to your business needs. Take your time to research and compare different companies to make an informed decision that aligns with your vision for your online store. By following the comprehensive instructions and considering the recommended factors, you can confidently choose the right Hyvä theme development company and harness the potential of this cutting-edge theme for their online stores.