Migration from Luma to Hyvä theme

All you need to know is a transformational journey from Luma to Hyvä theme. This shift is not just about a new Magento theme but also about enhanced design, superior performance, and an exceptional user experience. Modern design and optimized speed offer strategic advantages that can revolutionize your online store's success. This article opens the path to a future where your e-commerce business flourishes in a competitive environment. Embrace the change, embrace Hyvä, and embark on your journey toward digital commerce excellence.

Luma Theme


Since everyone has started talking about Hyvä, they have begun introducing Luma. You may not have heard about Luma previously as much as you are hearing about Hyvä these days. So, We are first sharing a few things about Luma here. The Luma theme is a default and foundational theme pre-packaged with Magento. It is a starting point for building an online store's visual layout and user interface. Luma is designed to be versatile and adaptable, catering to a wide range of industries and businesses. While it provides a basic framework, it can be customized and extended to meet specific brand and functionality requirements. Now, let us discuss the Luma theme's advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Luma

  • Quick Setup:Easy-peasy! Luma provides a ready-to-use design, allowing merchants to set up their online stores quickly without starting from scratch.
  • Customization:While basic, Luma's design can be customized to some extent using the admin panel, making it relatively easy for non-developers to make changes.
  • Easily Extendable:Luma can be extended with additional modules and plugins to enhance functionality, such as integrating payment & shipping gateways, adding new features, and improving user experience.
  • Community Support:As the default theme for Magento, Luma benefits from a strong community of users, developers, and resources, making it easier to find solutions to common issues.

Disadvantages of Luma

  • Generic Design:The default design of Luma is too generic, lacking a unique and distinctive look that aligns closely with a specific brand identity.
  • Limited Customization:While basic customizations can be made through the admin panel, more significant design changes or alterations require Magento development expertise, potentially leading to additional costs.
  • Performance:Luma's default design and features may not be optimized for maximum performance out of the box, potentially affecting page load times and user experience.
  • Overhead:The Luma theme comes with default styles and features that might not be relevant to every store, potentially resulting in unnecessary bloated code and resources that could affect performance.
  • SEO Considerations:While it is possible to optimize Luma for SEO, certain elements might need to align better with best practices, potentially requiring adjustments to improve search engine visibility.
  • Lack of Uniqueness:Due to its wide adoption as the default theme, many stores might look similar, making it challenging to stand out in a crowded online marketplace.

The Luma theme provides a convenient starting point for new Magento store owners, offering quick setup and responsive design. However, it's generic appearance and limited customization options might not suit businesses seeking a more distinct and tailored online presence. While Luma can be extended and optimized, it might provide a different level of uniqueness and performance optimization than some businesses require.

Based on the future perspective, the scalability of your Magento store, performance-focused development, and customization could be challenging!

And then, we've got Hyvä! Hyvä means "Good," and it's truly the purpose of the theme.

Hyvä Theme


The Hyvä theme is a modern, sleek, and innovative Magento Frontend solution (IT'S NOT JUST ANOTHER THIRD PARTY THEME) that provides an enhanced user experience, improved performance, and a more optimized front end for Magento stores. It aims to address some of the limitations of default themes like Luma by offering advanced features and removing unwanted JS libraries with optimizations. Why is Hyvä theme the preferred frontend solution for Magento websites? Let's learn from its advantages and disadvantages!

Advantages of Hyvä

  • Modern and Unique:Hyvä offers a contemporary and unique UI that can be customized to align closely with a brand's identity, helping stores stand out in a competitive market.
  • Enhanced User Experience:With a focus on user-centric design principles, Hyvä aims to improve the overall shopping experience through intuitive navigation, clear layouts, and interactive elements.
  • Performance Optimization:Hyvä is optimized for speed, featuring advanced Tailwind & Alpine JS technologies and efficient code structure to ensure fast page load times and responsive performance.
  • Customization Options:Hyvä provides a wide range of customization options, allowing merchants to tailor the design, layout, and functionality to their specific requirements without extensive coding.
  • Mobile Responsiveness:The theme is designed with mobile users in mind, ensuring that the store looks and functions seamlessly on various devices, contributing to a consistent user experience.
  • SEO-Friendly:Hyvä incorporates SEO best practices like clean code and structured data to improve search engine visibility and enhance organic rankings with higher core-web-vitals.
  • Community and Support: Hyvä benefits from a dynamic community of developers, designers, and users who contribute to its development and offer support through Slack channels, documentation, and resources.

Disadvantages of Hyvä

  • Learning Curve:While Hyvä offers customization options, making extensive design or functionality changes may require some learning for first-time developers, potentially leading to a learning curve.
  • Compatibility:As an innovative theme, ensuring compatibility with existing extensions and integrations may require additional testing and adjustments.

Overall, the Hyvä theme presents a compelling option for merchants seeking a modern, customizable, high-performing frontend Magento solution for their Magento website. Its focus on user experience, performance optimization, and customization can contribute to a more engaging and efficient online shopping environment. However, users should weigh the advantages against potential disadvantages and consider their specific needs, resources, and goals when deciding whether to adopt the Hyvä theme for their e-commerce store.

How to migrate from Luma to Hyvä?

Successful migration from Luma to the Hyvä theme needs to be followed with the given steps. Merchants must purchase license keys and share them with their development team as a prerequisite. Ensure it's not like a DIY theme installation and needs utmost care to have similar User flows with higher performance. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you migrate from Luma to Hyvä:

  • Backup Your Store:Before making any changes, create a comprehensive backup of your current store, including database, files, and configurations. This ensures you can revert in case of any issues.
  • Assess Compatibility:Check the compatibility of your existing extensions, customizations, and integrations with the Hyvä theme. Some extensions might need updates or replacements to work seamlessly with Hyvä.
  • Obtain the Hyvä Theme:Download the latest version of the Hyvä theme from the license key shared by the Hyvä theme while purchasing it.
  • Set Up a Staging Environment:Create a staging environment to safely test the migration process without affecting your live store.
  • Install Hyvä Theme:In your staging environment, install the Hyvä theme following the installation instructions provided by Hyvä's documentation.
  • Customize Hyvä Theme:Customize the Hyvä theme to match your brand's identity and requirements. Utilize the theme's customization options, such as your existing User's shopping journey and brand assets.
  • Migrate Content:Transfer your existing content from the Luma theme to the Hyvä theme. This includes CMS pages, blocks, product listings, categories, and any other relevant content. Pay attention to URLs, images, descriptions, and metadata. You can use Hyvä UI libraries while creating custom blocks.
  • Test Functionality:Thoroughly test the functionality of your Hyvä-themed store in the staging environment. Verify that all features, extensions, and customizations are working as intended.
  • SEO Considerations:Implement 301 redirects from old Luma URLs to corresponding Hyvä URLs to maintain SEO rankings. Update sitemaps and robots.txt files accordingly.
  • User Testing:Test the new Hyvä-themed store and provide feedback. Address any usability issues, bugs, or concerns they identify.
  • Final Review:Conduct a last review of your Hyvä-themed store in the staging environment. Ensure that design, functionality, and content are all aligned with your expectations.
  • Go-Live:Once you're satisfied with the Hyvä-themed store in the staging environment, it's time to go live. To minimize disruptions, perform the migration on your live site during a low-traffic period.
  • Monitor and Maintain:After the migration, closely monitor your live Hyvä-themed store's performance, user experience, and functionality. Continuously optimize and update your store to ensure its long-term success.

A note: Each Magento Hyvä theme migration process may vary based on unique customizations and requirements. If you need more clarification on technical aspects, consider seeking assistance from experienced Hyvä developers to ensure a successful migration from Luma to Hyvä.

Why Migrate from Luma to Hyvä?

Merchants are choosing to migrate from Luma to Hyvä in order to enhance their online shopping experience and improve their website's performance. While Luma is the default theme for Magento and has served as a starting point for many online stores, it has some limitations that Hyvä addresses. Performance becomes a significant challenge when moving forward with a highly functional and custom Magento website. Even with a minor Magento upgrade, it will become chaos to manage the store. Consider the following points that help you migrate Luma to the Hyvä theme.

  • Exceptional Performance: One of the major benefits of Hyvä is its excellent performance. With clean code and minimalistic design principles, Hyvä significantly improves page loading times, resulting in a faster and smoother user experience. Its mobile-first approach also ensures that the online store looks and functions flawlessly on various devices, enhancing accessibility and customer satisfaction. Additionally,
  • Customization Flexibility: Hyvä simplifies the customization process by providing a well-structured and modular codebase. This allows developers to easily tailor the theme to specific brand needs and business requirements. This flexibility reduces development time and enables businesses to create a unique and tailored storefront.
  • Optimized Website: Migrating from Luma to Hyvä allows store owners to optimize their websites for search engines. Hyvä's performance-oriented design and mobile responsiveness align with search engine preferences, potentially improving search rankings and greater organic visibility.


Regarding the Magento website, upgrading from Luma to Hyvä is a significant step forward. Hyvä offers improved design, performance, and user engagement, which can elevate your brand with a personalized shopping experience and optimized speed. As online shopping continues to grow, it's essential to provide exceptional experiences to customers, and choosing to migrate to Hyvä is more than just a technical decision. It's a strategic investment in your online success. By embracing the Hyvä theme, your Magento website performs more remarkably than the actual Luma-themed website. So, Hyvä-nother Level for your Magento website by implementing the Hyvä theme.

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