Magento is Alive at Meet Magento 2024

So, the day finally arrived when we met and connected with the lively Magento Community at Club O7 And trust me, as you enter the room, the community's vibrancy turns into a Zen aura! It would be best if you always took advantage of the chance to attend this event. If you have missed it and feel FOMO, this is especially for you.

Women in Tech

We had a wonderful time at the Pre-Magento meet dinner party for Women in Tech, which Marsha sponsored. It was a sudden plan, but it turned out to be a great success. We met many ladies who shared our common interests and had a great time chatting, networking, and enjoying some delicious food. It reminded us that we only truly appreciate our worth when we surround ourselves with like-minded people. These ladies are a force to be reckoned with, and we are confident that they will continue to make great efforts and shine in their respective agencies. We are grateful to everyone who attended the dinner, and we extend our sincere thanks to Marsha Naidoo and Vijay Golani for making it happen.

What a Welcome!

After the Gujju Breakfast, it's time for the opening remarks and welcoming notes by the leading agencies' front-seaters, Anand Gera from Wagento and Vijay from Evrig. You cannot believe this is the highest number of attendees in any Meet Magento event. Yes, there are almost 900+ attendees at Meet Magento 2024 India.

Magento is Alive

With the warm welcome notes and kickstarting, Mathias Schreiber and Vatsal Shah's greeting intensified our hearts' breathing! And that was what meant a lot to us. Restructuring the community sponsorship will make the Magento Community more constructive and future-proof. Even with their selfless efforts, the more countries the community is being built up, and yes, countries like Poland, Germany, Vietnam, and Egypt are on the list! Isn't it amazing? Meet Magento is the only event held from the government to county level and organized by agencies, Adobes, and others. With Magento Association's assurance, the trust was strengthened by Parul Garg sharing insights straight from Adobe. She has explained how the community version of Magento open source is managed with the repositories. It was beneficial. So, if you are a Magento developer, vote for the open source requests to be merged through Slack or Magento Forum!

Finally, it's the boost every business owner or self-employed person would love. Vatsal Shah's RED framework was a great session. If you follow it, challenging times will become great opportunities. Ohh, BTW, this is how We Gujaratis think and work! RED stands for resilience, evolution, and discipline. If you follow these three traits, everything will be your opportunity!

How did the speakers go?

There you go, Willem! The session was Hyvämazing, where we got insights about How Hyvä is doing beyond being just themes! Yes, with the products they have built so far and working towards a more efficient result-driven approach, Hyvä is making its way to win merchants' and agencies' hearts with Hyvä themes and Hyvä checkout

Several speakers shared their knowledge on various topics at the event. Hirenkumar Patel talked about "Magento’s Hidden Power," Nitin Jain discussed "AI-driven eCommerce," and Oscar Rolando shared insights into "My Road to GraphQL to PWA." Other notable sessions included "Decoding B2B eCommerce", "Magento 2 Beginner to Professional", "API MESH, App Builder, Adobe I/O Runtime," "Crafting Hyvä-Compatible Modules," and "Generative AI Reshapes Businesses."

The conference had several informative sessions with notable speakers, including Vinai Kopp who presented on JavaScript best practices with Hyvä, Olga Zhilinskaya from Aheadworks who talked about The Power of Emotional Intelligence, Rakesh Mehta from Sigma Infosolutions Ltd who discussed AI Innovations in Adobe Commerce, Ferenc Varga from ITG Commerce who presented Reward CLI, Sivaranjani Ramamoorthy from Klizer who talked about the Impact of Neuro Diversity Testing in Digital Commerce, Vasim Ahmad from Sunarc Technologies who discussed Optimizing eCommerce Processes with Six Sigma, Milan Savaliya from Nirman Techlab Pvt Ltd who presented AI-Powered Programming and Development, Gaurav Vyas from Ranosys Technologies who talked about From Window Shopper to Loyal Fan: Adobe strategies to win customer loyalty, Abhishek Jakhotiya from who discussed How to debug and fix performance issues with SPX Profiler, and Henrique Kieckbusch from Wagento who talked about Magento’s Need for Speed.

What we enjoyed was a Panel Discussion – Future-Proofing Your Magento Agency: Innovation, Diversification, and Long-Term Sustainability, where we got to learn from leaders like J.P Singh, Karthikraj Magapu, Vishal Patel, Pradip Shah, Arun Bansal. Then, the section that was most worth attending was Mage-OS! The true meaning is "From the Community" to "For the Community". With such a message, Vinai has delivered a great session and is grateful for their efforts! Kudos.

What was there in the closing notes at MM24IN?

Why Meet Magento 2024 India was a whole other vibe? Because of the closing notes! With the first time introducing the Magento Awards for the solutions, they have started recognizing the Magento agencies' efforts, making this community apart. And finally, it's time for Drum Roll, please! I mean, drum circle. Have you ever had a chance to have a drum circle of hundreds of people together??? Ask those who have witnessed it, and you will know what trance level everyone went to. And if someone hears MM24IN, they'll undoubtedly recall this closing note that has recharged everyone leaving the hall.

Astalavista from us, our team of Navigate Commerce, has witnessed the entire event with fun, food, handshakes, and memories that last till Magento is alive—more than this.

Thank you to Evrig and Wagento, who have put their time, effort, and energy into making this event successful. It's been pleasure connecting with you all, Harpreet Singh from Ahy Consultancy, Sakshi and Gurav from Raynosis, Devanshi from Krish Technolabs, Justin Thomas from Codilar, Shlok from ShipperHQ and many more. Stay tuned till 2025! Gratitude and love from all of us at Navigate Commerce.